My new Bedford 29er

Got back from a business trip this morning and found a box with my new Bedford 29er sitting in my office. I was in and out of meetings all day so I didn’t get a chance to ride until 7:30pm. I’m attaching some pictures. I’d like to thank Darren for the great service and the great product. My only regret is that I forgot to order some of Darren’s flame decals for it.

Rode for about an hour. My previous unicycling experience was with a 20" Torker. It took me a little while to get used to the additional height and the speed. Cracks on my street that used to give me problems on my 20" were almost unnoticeable on the 29er. After about five minutes I started feeling more confident but now I’m having trouble making right turns. I also find myself standing on the pedals instead of sitting. I guess it will take a little while to get used to it.

Clearance on the 29er for the Big Apple tire.

Keeping my Torker LX company.

Re: My new Bedford 29er

What size cranks did you get?

Taht’s a good looking 29’r :smiley:

Verrrry nice. Hope your 20" doesn’t get an inferiority complex. Remember to ride it once in a while so it still feels loved.

Oh sweet, that 29’er is the cousin to my Bedford 29’er! I love the powder coat yellow.

I bought my Bedford 29’er a couple of years ago when I stopped in to visit Darren in Toronto. It was kind of an implusive decision based on this totally sweet uni that he was just setting up in his shop when I arrived. The uni looked so fast and so nimble I just couldn’t resist!

Darren delivered it right to my hotel where I begged some cardboard from the staff and wrapped up my new prize to check onto the plane for the trip home. I too could hardly wait to try it out! I was to discover, on the day of my return, that I had aquired one of the finest uni rides of any I had ever experienced.

I dubbed the speed machine the “Gazelle” and promptly started my 20 km round trip commutes to school on it. No looking back…

29'er and skytrain.jpg

I’m actually not sure. They’re either 125 or 150. I’ll check when I get home tonight. I think they’re pretty much the same size as those on my Torker.

Actually, I cut the seatpost on it this morning so my 12 year old son can learn to ride on it. I’m planning on getting a replacement post and seat for myself so I can still use it (when he lets me :smiley: ).

I ordered it without pedals. I had a pair of purple JC’s that I had picked up previously. I’ll try to post a picture of the pedals tonight.