My new BC!!!!

Well, today i decided to buckle down and get to work and finding things for my BC. So i went into my garage and found that the only tire i had was a 26" MTB tire. That was a little diheartinging, but i decided to make do. Now all i need was some plates, so my stepdad took me out to look for stuff. I took us about 2 hours to find out excatly what I was looking for.

It turned out that the perfect bc plate was a thing that is supposed to hold big doors together, those were about 9 bucks each. I also got some washers and lock washers and once i got home i put it together in about 10 minutes.

Over all it was about 23 bucks… quite the steal if you ask me

This is the finshes result… sorry i have a bad cemera




Plates look kinda short, at least from the angle in the second picture. Is that an average length? Looks like it’d tear up your ankle.

how thick are those things?

The plates are i think they same size as evans… plenty long enough

I am not sure i think around 7mm

yeah they look pretty thin in the picture… but they are way strong


evans are i thnk 3.5 inches drop

Evan’s are awesome!

evans are awesome!

Nice! That should be an excellent wheel for coasing long distances at high speeds. Tell us how it holds up after a couple of days.

nice, indeed, post a new thread when u can ride, and it save u about a heck of a lot of money,

Yes, they are


i wanna see you ride it!!
like a movie of you riding it!!

i have no camera… and ill just post in this thread… i practiced for about 45 minutes yesturday before i had to go inside… i got to the end of my driveway… which is about 45 feet and i did that twice… it is alot easier than i thought but it is a lot funner. Ill post more later


I made my own BC wheel out of an old bmx wheel. Its silver near the tire because it was off of a bike that was stolen by gypos and ridden with no tires on. I whipped out the angle grinder and smoothed it off again. The plates are 3mm steel. I have done drops of about 1ft on it, but as you can see the plates are bending! Pics Here and Here!

Hey, I’ve looked at those before, but they were $10 each and didn’t look like they’d fit very well. So I didn’t get them. Maybe I should look around some more and make myself a BC…

where did you get those plates?
The first guy in the thread

those look really bent, isn’t that hard to ride like that?

Yeah, its pretty hard to ride now. Im gonna make some new plates. Any suggestions? Its kinda hard to find plates that are pre-bent and strong enough here in the uk!

i was wondering if anyone had any specs or instructions on making bc plates… i’m looking at making myself a set… but not too sure on dimentions…

can anyone help me??

Ask ed u fool!or heritage boy they have BC’s:D