My new BC Wheel

Hey guys,
I just finished mounting my new BC wheel platforms my dad and I made. I’m also adding grip tape (as soon as I get to the store). After learning how to ride about fifty feet, I decided that if I paint them the paint would just get ripped off the edges. We made them out of aluminum, so they’re super light wieght. I think they look prety nice. Take a look.

I’ll show some more later, but I have to go to school in about… negative 30 seconds!!

What thickness are those plates? they look like they are maybe 1/8th? if so thats puurdy thin and they might bend, but other than that great job, hop you have fun with it, il post pics of my new bc on staerday.

Not a very good angle. I’m prety sure thier 1/4. My dad bet me twenty bucks I couldn’t bend them. I’m glad I didn’t take the bet, because I’m sure I can’t bend them.

if you start hoppping i bet you could, go off a couple big curbs

I think I would bend the crappy hub if anything.


Here is a pic of a BC wheel I made up last fall (no pun intended)

I like the look of the flat platforms instead of the MTB pegs. looks more stable.

The problem with mine is the 10mm axle bends after about 1/2 hour riding. a hub w/14mm axle would be stronger but they are, of course, more spendy



Wo never seen that set-up before, me and a friend built a BC by simply screwing a pair of pegs on to the end of the axle, i have been told in the past that this is the ‘proper’ BC wheel, but i’ve never seen anyone ride one like it, and we sure as hell can’t. Obviously it’s harder due to the centre of mass being higher, but how much harder?


I have a bc with pegs screwed on to the axle, i find it just as easy if not easyer to ride as the kinda darren sells

Damn, there goes my excuse for not being able to ride it…