My New BC Wheel Pics!!!! Whoa Baby!!!

Its pretty damn sweet.

I know everyone is going to coment on the tiny plates, yeah, they are small, but i love them, it eliminates my no footers but its great for hoping and it reduces weight, both plates are less than one bedford plate. since they are so skinny, they also will not bend very easyily.

here are the specs:

Tryall 26" Rim
Tryall 26" Red rim strip
Tryall 26" 2.0 tire
Dt 258mm spokes
Odyssey Hazard Sealed 14mm Hub (very very nice)
EB Plates (haha)

The plates are made out of 1/2" .035 1430 tubing and the plate is 3/16" 4130.

Here are the pics…

Those plates aren’t very wide; they’re nowhere near wide enough to accomodate for my feet. You must wear size 5 children’s shoes :stuck_out_tongue:

The axle looks like it would hit you in the ankles, too. :roll_eyes:

Nice tire, rim, and hub, though.

what kind of reasoning is that?!

Yeah, I wear size 12s funny enough. Anyhow, yeah, you gota kinda work to keep your feet on but it works great, also the bolt isnt quite high enough to hit oyut ankle, though i did drop the plates 1/2" more than bedfords so you dont get any foot pain whatsoever, its a freakin dream to ride.

they are not big enough for me but man, those are trick!

i think those would sell…nice job. and nice welds dude.

The welding credits go to my freind Mike Jewet who helped me out, I could have done them myself but he is better, faster, and less likly to screw up the welds like i am. It was too much milling and cutting to screw up.

Thats awsome, how much did it all cost, minus the plates?

If you make a bigger version of those plates im buying.

Edit: You should put like pedal pins on them !

I vote you make bigger versions of the plates, and then put a peice of sheet metal on top of them, so that you can put griptape on them

I want to see an in action pic of that one. It must look huge when you ride it.

thats a good idea for the plates, but I do think they’re too skinny…you should make some wider EB plates. pretty spiffy, still…

I wanna see a new vid of you on that thing.


Dude, trim the axle down a little! That’s an injury waiting to happen…

those plates are cool, are the slippery because they don’t have grip tape though
can u grind a bc wheel with those plates?
how much would a pair of ur plates cost? i want some, there awsome looking

thats mega hot


Yeah, im planing on welding on some pins for grip. The plates WERE wider, infact they were 5" wide, thats aobut 1" wider than your foot, it was really comfortable to ride but i figured it would kill oyu in tricks, also thats just too much leverage against the main weld. Il put up the pics in a lil, they looked like bat ears or somehting, Im planing on making another 2 sets for ny other bcs, they may be wider.

This is just a rally low crapy plate tap snaged from a video…

I call these bat ears…