My new 36" UW

That thing was awesome. I can’t wait to make mine.

Man, Kev,

You’re the ultimate on the wheel. You learnt in 24 hours at the end you were doin muni on it.


Yeah, I’ll say. I could make whoever rides it in “Training Wheel not Required” look like a monkey riding a bucket of slime.

wasnt you the one who said that a 36 UW was pointless

Yeah, I said it sounded pointless… like… in theory ‘n’ junk. But that was before i could ride it. Now I need to make one.

that loks awesome

The TV station that filmed you riding the 36 UW did not show any footage tonight. Grrrr If they don’t show it tomorrow, I will see if I can beg or buy a copy. They just showed the Frck… football.


you better tape it for us Mal :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, tape it. Well the guy said it’d be on tonight, tomorrow or wednesday, so I hope it’s on tomorrow.

I’m tossing around some design patterns for my own and should be making a proper 24" in the next week sometime. I’ll post some pictures when i get around to making it not so “made from wood”.

I have made some enquiries regarding rims etc. Don’t hold your breath as things happen a bit slow sometimes.

I am fascinated by the UWs, particularly the 36" so am keen to see some more around in Australia.

I want to try riding along the retaining wall at work again. Inspired by the weekend.

good job there mal:)

Yeah, good luck Mal. Hope to see you riding it soon.

no you dont coz that reduces your chances of actually getting the uni

Nah, I’m gonna make my own. With a much cooler frame.

Like this one.

UWi.bmp (563 KB)

that is really cool… much cooler than mal’s :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks good BUT can only be cooler than Mal’s when it exists:)

Well it exists in my mind. Does that count?

With some good metal working skills, it is entirely possible. You could use smaller cross sections for the web. The maker would need good scribing and cutting skills. You could make it and tack weld it as you go.

It would look fantastic in real life.

I copied mine. The idea looks pretty good. What programn did you draw it on? Its awesome.

Well I got the idea from those maths graphics things that hang on the wall in my maths class. As for the programme, what else would i use but the best in digital visualisation software? MS paint, the one and only.