My new 36" UW

Inspired by Brian Mackenzie, his 36" UW and his amazing riding on the 36UW in TWNR, I decided I needed one myself.

It has been a bit of a process.
A radial steel rim, 25 mm cromo tubing, pedal bossed that I turned up at work.
It took some hacksawing and filing to get the tubing right. I paid a local welding teacher a slab of beer to TIG weld the thing together and sweet talked my local bike shop to use their taps for the pedal threads.

I decided on orange for no other reason that I like the color on unicycles and did not want to copy the yellow original. When I was talking things over with the powder coater, I also pulled my KH Muni apart and got it done in orange at the same time.

The finished product. Radial tyre, Snafu pedals, orange and it looks great but cost more than I would have expected.

Now… there is only 1 slight problem…I don’t know if I will be able to ride it but sure will try.

Amazing, someday, soon i hope, i will have an UW too, maybe not a 36er, but one from, they look soo fun to ride.

Now i want to see pictures lol, and good luck riding that thing, shouldnt be too ahrd though =p

some pics

Trying to attach some pics

That thing is a beauty! now i wanna make one =p

Orange KH and 36 UW

another pic



that’s awesome!!

When you can ride it, post a video, i’d like to see it in action~

I’ve mentioned a 36" UW to friends before, but i never thought i’d actually see one :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you going to have that at Chiltern in May? :smiley:

Good stuff,


thats awsome but i still would love to see a 36’ BC

alright! nice stuff, good to see these things getting out there!

for those who want to see these in action, check out TWNR where I show running mounts, kickup mounts, stairs, drops, wooden stunts, trails…

nice, I want one!!

I will have my UW36 at NAUCC, if anyone wants to play on it

Yep,I will have it at the Muniuni meet in May. I was really happy with the project. It looks like a bought one.

haha, yeah it does.

i can’t wait to try it, i’m really looking farward to that weekend

it really does look like you bought it.

It’s quite excellent looking, but as Kevin said

‘36" ultimate wheel - incredibly pointless, like a BC wheel with gears’ - Kev


Brian, can you put a link in this thread please? :slight_smile:


The link is in my signature.

The UW36 is just about as pointless as unicycling…

Who cares if you can ride it? What a gorgeous photo of the two orange unis and colorful foliage.

Oooo, pretty. I think I like that orange KH muni more though :wink:

I watched the video, Brian.

It’s very good!

The 36" UW looks like it’s good to ride muni :stuck_out_tongue:

What was that contraption that was like a BC wheel… and a unicycle?

does it just have a bike hub on it or something? is it hard to ride?


i want one. I want to make one.

is it just me or does the kh muni look a little photo chopped i dunno i think its just me
hahahaha a bc wheel wit gears i woke up my parents w/ my laughing

was about to say i wannt swap frames coz i want a orange KH frame :slight_smile: being zippy and all :slight_smile:

id like to see a 36 impossible