My new 29er!!!!!!!!

My dream that started with riding Tim’s (uniMog’s) 28" Sun is finally completed!

The specs for my new 29er:
'07 KH Freeride Saddle
Rail adapter
Primo rod seatpost
Odyssey GI seatpost clamp
Nimbus X 29" Frame
125mm Qu-Ax Alloy cranks w/ chromed dustcaps
Snafu pedals
UDC wide CrMo hub
Sun CR-18 700c rim
14g DT Champion spokes
Bontrager Hard Case Race Lite 28c tire
Wheel build: me!

Pics (I couldn’t get a hold of a camera right after putting it together, and I wanted to ride it, so it has like 6 miles on it in the pics):

And, for all those I asked who were unsure of the amount of clearance the frame would provide, here it is with a 28c tire:

And, finally:

thats a really thin tire compared to what people usually use. hows it ride?

It’s awesome! It feels like going from a mountain bike to a road bike, kinda jittery but amazing. It turns so easily, but I’m not used to short cranks, so while I’m getting used to them I find it a little harder to correct my forward/backward balance when I’m about to fall.

I’m thinking of naming it SLVR (sliver) like the new motorola phone.

looks like fun.
how fast can you get goin on it?

that’s a really tall coffee table.

that looks awesome! how do you like the saddle?

looks more like a 28er at best.

Oh, I suppose you’re right… :roll_eyes: This thin tire is more for fun, next tire I get will be bigger.

Overall, it’s a lot better. I think, however, that instead of taking wedges of foam off the front and back, he should’ve left the foam on the back and just taken a wedge off the front. The groove is really good, though. I haven’t experienced any numbness or pain on it, like my last one. I get a little tired sitting on it, but I figure that’s because I haven’t finished tweaking the settings on the rail adapter.

My friend (on his bike) clocked me cruising at 8-10 mph easily, and I peaked at 13mph. Like I said earlier, though, I still don’t feel completely comfortable going really fast on these short cranks, though I’m getting better. When I get the fatter tire, I’ll also be able to go a little faster than this.

One thing that really surprised me about the short cranks is that they provide more than enough torque for going up hills and accelerating, but it’s much more difficult to slow down and go down hills…

yeah, I rode a 28" with 150 and there was so much torque it was almost unridable. I think 125’s or 114’s would be perfect. Great job on the wheelbuild!

Looks nice! That seat is kinda goofy looking… it will take me awhile to get used to seeing seats like that.

At Moab 2004 Jim Roberts rode a 29er with either 190mm or 210mm cranks(I can’t remember which)

wow, thats insane!

Get a custom made Trials tire for it :smiley:

looks great… i would have gone some 110’s myself.


Thanks! It’s my second wheelbuild.

That saddle does look weird.
But it looks like it can go pretty fast, sorta like Mikefules bacon slicer.

I think the reason the seat looks odd is because he has it pushed almost all the way forward on the rail adapters and doesn’t have it angled. Awesome uni by the way!

Yeah, I’m still experimenting on seat position. I’m trying all kinds of weird stuff in hopes I’ll find the perfect position.