My new 29 Trainer

I just replaced my 30 yr old Uni with a 29 Trainer. I am still getting used to it but love the ride. It has more than doubled my distance and much more enjoyable. The hardest part has been my turns, I seem to be trying to swing the uni almost in a hexagon instead of a U turn.

Wheel size

What was your previous wheel size? In what way was the ride more enjoyable? is it hard to get used to?

I learned on a 24 but I just ordered a 29 online. It should arrive any day now.

My old uni is a 24 Schwinn. It only took a few tries and I was riding in a straight line and easy turns. The ride on the 29 is alot smoother and faster, I just started freemounting it and am doing pretty good with it. I have had 2 really hard UPD’s that were both caused by the bigger wheel going faster than I was ( a split second of forgetting what I was doing ). Good luck with it.

I just got my new 29" UDC trainer too. Haven’t ridden it yet as I’m full of Cold but will be out on it later this week.

I tried a friend’s 29" last week and it took me a few tries before I could free mount it. It was a lot faster than my 20" learner so I’m looking forward to trying some of my local routes with it to see how it goes. Amazing how big a 29" looks when you’re used to a 20".

Turning has always been a problem for me so I think I’ll need to go practise that somewhere to get better at it (hence my current ‘Level 1 Unicyclist’ title - hehe - can’t do a figure 8 to save me life!) :stuck_out_tongue:

@wheeldaft: figure 8s are super fun and look cool in the right situation

WheelieDaft, I half guessed but… those 5 mile jaunts you’ve posted about in the pictures thread have all been on that 20" trainer?

I got used to riding a 29er before I ever set foot on a trials uni. Just the act of riding from one trial destination to another was a frustratingly slow experience - I even cut a few trips short because it was a mile (and 1 mile back) to the next trials spot. Can’t imagine doing 5 miles, must be exhausting.

I think you’re going to find that the 29er is a very nice fit.

I feel ya on the trials thing. we used to get mad and throw them in the car to go to the next spot

Hehe - yes, apart from the one day when I tried a 24" and 29", every trip has been on the 20" learner.

I can maintain about 4mph on the 20" now, but I still get passed by cyclists, joggers, skateboarders, girls on stabilised MyLittlePony bikes, etc., on long trips. :smiley:

hate when I get passed by little girls

New 29 inch unicycle

My new Nimbus 29 inch road unicycle arrived today and I’m just back from trying it out. It is awesome!!! At first the wheel looked huge. When I first got on it responded differently and at first I thought, “I’m going to have to go through the learning process again.” Not the case. After a few tries I nailed a freemount and after a few tentative forays, I got the feel of it and it felt like a rocket. Very smooth.

People talk about 36 versus 29 and the consensus seems to be that the 36 is the ultimate distance machine. While I don’t dispute this, I would encourage people to give the 29 a chance because the difference from a 24 is substantial. The 29 travels at a “useful speed”, and therefore, is very appropriate for commuting and distance riding. Particularly for people who are relatively new to the sport, and used to 20 and 24 inch wheels.

If the difference between a 36 and a 29 is like the difference between a 24 and a 29, I’m sure owning a 36 is an experience that I will have someday. But in the meantime, I’m psyched for the 29.