My new 26" Large Marge Endomorph Muni

I just finished building my new 26x3.7” Surly Large Marge Endomorph muni. I started this project last September and I got the wheel built first but it turned winter on me and I wasn’t able to get the frame built since my garage is unheated and that’s where my workbench is.

I built the wheel with a UDC super wide hub since the tire is so wide. That saved me a lot of trouble making the frame. I also figured that it would work well for me since I kind of ride with my knees in and didn’t want to have my legs rubbing on the tire all the time. I also really don’t need a splined hub since I don’t do big drops and I plan to use this uni mostly for riding in the snow.

I used 7/8” chromoly tubing for the fork legs that I ovalized my self with my bench vice. I tried to find a shop with a hydraulic press to do it but wasn’t able to find anybody willing or able. I used my angle grinder with a cutting wheel and dremel tool to cut the notches and then bent the tubing to get the angles then brazed them together on the back and sides. I used a hole cutting saw to cut the notches where the fork legs meet the seat tube. It didn’t like cutting the chromoly tubing and by the time I cut the second hole there was only one tooth left on the hole cutter. It was a lot of work and was difficult getting the angles the same on both sides since I cut them by hand but I am happy with the way the frame turned out.

I still need to have it powder coated but I couldn’t wait to ride it so I rubbed it with oil so it wouldn’t rust and took it for a ride yesterday. I took it on some of my favorite trails on the Telluride ski area, the Ridge Trail, the Village Trail, and the Telluride Trail. The Ridge, and Telluride Trail are down hill trails and the Village Trail is a cross country trail.

I experimented with different air pressures and found that 30 psi seemed to work best for most of the riding. The trails around here are very solid with lots of imbedded rocks and rock slabs and quit a bit of them are off camber. As I pretty much expected the 3.7 Endomorph was too much and made the riding harder not easier. It was hard to ride on any kind of side angle and was hard to keep it out of the rut. A 3” tire is much more nimble and maneuverable and just easier to control. I guess if your trails are mostly soft dirt and loose gravel or sand it would be a good muni tire but not for hard packed rocky trails.

It’s going to be great in the snow though and I am looking forward to riding it this winter. It’s winter about eight months of the year here and there are lots of x-country ski trails and snowmobile tracks which are just a little too soft for riding a lot of the time.

I also plan on using it in the summer for trail riding with a 3” tire and I have wanted a 26 muni for a long time. I have put a 3” Arrow Racing tire on it and I haven’t had a chance to take it out for a ride yet but it felt great just riding it around the yard.

Here are a couple of pictures, they are kind of small. I will take some more pictures after I get it powder coated. I am thinking I will go with a dark yellow but I’m not sure.

Big Foot 002.jpg

Here’s a picture with the 3" tire. The big frame and wide rim make the tire look small.

Big Foot 005.jpg

Very nice. Will look forward to some pictures of unicycling in the snow.

Absolute BEASTS!

ROCK on!

That pic w/the 24 & the new 26 shows that the diameter difference is more than just 2 inches, more like 3 or 4 inches, right? So you’re probably getting another foot of distance per pedal.

Beautiful stuff.

The Endomorph diameter is just a few millimeters less than a Big Apple 29er.

lol. anyway, thats a sweet muni you have! it’s probably going to be a beast in the snow.

Yeah I would say that is right I measured just a hair under 29".

And it is almost twice the volume of a 3" tire.

On the side wall it says 26x4 but it’s actual size is 3.7" But since 3" tires are actualy only around 2.7" wide it realy should be called a 4" tire.

Here’s a better picture it shows the construction of the crown a bit better.

Here’s a better picture.

is it cheaper and can you build a better uni if you build it yourslf rather than buy a good KH?

It’s not about cheaper or better. When I started building this uni there was no frame available to fit this rim tire combination.

George Barnes made a few frames but he had stoped building frames at the time I started this project.

Surly has been working on a frame, the Conundrum which just became available just today or yesterday.

I was able to build the frame for about $35 but I have probably put in 20 hours of my time building it.

Actualy I have more like $80 in the frame I didn’t count the braze on brake mounts, seatpost clamp, or bolts.

Here is the cost breakdown including shipping


Tubing- $25
Bearing holders- $16
Brake mounting- $26
seat clamp- $5
Bolts/other- $8


Hub- $30
Rim- $87
Spokes- $15
Cranks- $50
Endomorph tire- $100
Arrow Racing tire $23
3-4" tube $20


Velo seat- $30
SH seat rail- $50
Brake lever mount-$18
DK 25.4 seatpost- $30


Magura W/SS lines- $180

Shipping- $65

The total without pedals is $778

I just borrowed the pedals off of my trials uni so I will need to get some pedals which will add another $50 to $100

Then there is the cost for all the grinding and cutting wheels and other supplies like welding gas and other expendables.

Here’s a picture of the new muni powdercoated yellow. The color is actualy a bit darker in real life.

Looks like something you will have to bring to California MUni Weekend to try out!

no yellow maguras :astonished:


Here’s another one with the color corected

And another

It doesn’t look like I’m going to make it to the CMW this year:( This would be great for Downeyville though.

Yellow Maguras whould have been cool but I didn’t know what color it was going to be when I got the brake.

why did you not use splined hubs o and they look amazeing