My MUni??

I am looking at MUnis in the cheaper price ranger so help me out here are my choices…United 24-inch Off-Road withTorker Black Saddle, Suzue 36-spoke Hub and Kovachi Wheel for $219…A Summit 20 inch off road fom II unicycle store for $199…and a Braun off-road for $189 or sumthing. What are you thoughts

IF you want the summit you better git it fast, theres only 2 left from

Then you’ll have to get the real deal KH Uni.


yeah,only 2 left there,but fluff is taking about the unicycle store II they are only $199 there,but they also come with the less desireable Viscount seat instead of the KH seat.

but hey Cole if you really want a Muni,get a 24" wheel.a 20" wheel isnt realy that great for long muni rides.20 inchers are better for trials,a.k.a. hopping and gapping.