My Muni Trail Is On Fire! (literally)

I woke up this morning and went outside to do some tricking, and did my daily ride around the block. About an hour later after I made myself breakfast, I could smell burning wood, but I thought it was just the neighbor’s smoker again. About 2 hours ago I went outside to trick in my backyard and the sky was filled with orange, brown, and white haze as I realised it wan’t my neighbor’s smoker. I ran to my front yard and looked towards the source, and the area I ride muni(2 blocks away) was on fire! There is smoke coming out of it like mad crazy, and about 12 fire trucks, and 2 water bucket choppers have driven up to the area. I don’t know whats up. Honestly if I wanted to I could ride to the fire in less than 5 minutes and touch it. This really sucks too, because that was going to be my main training area for California Muni Weekend. If anything this will put me back about a week, cause I wont be able to ride up there for a while. But I guess when you live in a dry state like Nevada in a windy but hot summer things are bound to catch fire. I will post any udates on the fire as I get them. This is your Fire season anchor Catboy Mc…uhhh…poopenflarson, signing out.

Its getting worse! Alot worse. They are evacuating tons of homes above mine and my street is closed. The smoke is soo bad I can walk out side for maybe 5 minutes at a time because I start to hack up a lung. Tons of choppers and firetrucks are rushing up the area and there is no way to get up to this area because the main street is closed. If you dont hear from me in the next day or so, I’ve been evacuated. But I will post udates every so often. I know this probably should be in just Converstion but Its about my trail!!!

Ok, So heres whats Up. YYou might be wondering why i am posting all this stuff, It’s because I am home alone, and Just 5 minutes ago I was told i was probably going to have to evacuate within the next couple of hours. This sucks for 3 reasons.

  1. My house might get burnt down, and that means no more uni, no more Cali muni weekend. Non of my stuff will be here.
  2. If i have to evcuate I have 2 dogs with m and a bird. I might have to leave them here. If i had to make the coice though. I would stay with my dogs.
  3. My parents can’t get to me. The road is blocked to everyone, except firetrucks. This sucks because I would have to sit in a shelter by myself crying about my dogs.

This fire sucks. I thought "oh it’ll be out in an hour or so, but te fire official said its getting worse. I thoughtthis would be a chuckle but now for the first time in my life I am scared for my dogs, my house, my stuff, me.

If Ihave to evacuate could you guys say a little payer for me tonight. If i am not evacuated I will keep posting as normal but the future is looking grim.

Sounds pretty scary. I say self-evacuate yourself and dogs to a friends or relatives if its possible, cuz I don’t know the whole of it.


oh man. stay safe. and let us know how things go and youre still alright.

Well, I might have to evacuate within a few minutes here. So I’m gonna walk down the hill(away from the fire), and just keep walking till I see my moms car.

can you bring your animals with you?

I’m going to try. My mom(if she can get up here) will be here in like 15 minutes, but they have evacuated the street above me so I dunnno if she’ll get here in time.

My first year on staff at a scout camp we had to evacuate because of a fire (we actually evacuated to Nevada). You think you ought to be thankful because you’re safe, but really you’re just worried about your stuff.

Good luck, fires suck.

good luck with it all. I feel so helpless. I wish i could help.

We had some bad fires here in san diego last fall but they didnt get as close to my house as yours is to you.

stay safe

I am thankful that I will be safe but if our house were to burn down, It would suck, BIG Time. I really doubt my house will burn down though. But this just sucks. ALOT. But I’ll keep you posted.

Catboy, if for some reason you’re still reading this, get the hell out and take the animals with you! Stuff can be replaced. You can’t. You cannot protect your home from a wildfire. All you can do is watch it burn, and potentially get trapped there. So git!

Hopefully your home will be undamaged. Don’t worry, the trails will still be there even after the fire. We had a fire on part of the Manzanita trail in Auburn a few years ago. Ugly landscape for a while, but the trail was unaffected.

Still reading? GIT!

Those of you not in danger of fire, remember these rules before you buy a house in the West:

The fire isn’t that close, we have been told we are going to have to evacuate soon, but the second call hasn’t come. I am not in dangers path right now but as soon as the second call comes for us to evacuate then I am taking the dogs and walking.

You may want to take some of your favorite valuables with you, if you can carry them.

Possibly take the dogs and ride?

The evacuation is looking better and better right now, I have everything I need(some clothes and toiletries), the Documents box, and two leashes ready incase I do have to evacuate, but due to win the fire is moving more towards the left, and not towards us. The smoke is looking better, but they say that we still should be ready to leave any minute.Iam still seeing a ton of trucks go up the hill still and tons of people going down. My mom has just arrived though so I will be able to get out if I need to. Thanks for your support though cause I was really stressed out. Although I did get some dope(but not cool at all) footage of the fire/choppers/planes an stuff. As always I’ll keep ya posted.

theres something with the walking part, oh! the unicycle! you are forgeting the unicycle!

Hope you don’t burn to death. Or your dogs, or unicycle, or bird, or cat.

Ok, I asked God to keep yous all safe, big fires are like matches to him.


I am fine now. They are allowing some of the people back into their homes, and the fire is pretty much contained. Other than the mass of fire, today has been actually a really good day. I sold my brother like 20 Anime DVD’s(Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Ruroni Kenshin) That I got for free, and made 50 bucks off of it so I will be able to buy my wheelset, and it will be here with tons of time for practice for muni weekend. I plan on taking a ride(if I can) up to the old trail late tomorrow or the next day to see whats gone down.

Glad to hear you’re safe.