My Muni Finished

My charm

the speedo good use of brake boses?


i had to put to put 2 small holes in the seat in the ridge bits i don’t think they are important?


My muni finished after afew rides it’s holding up well and i love the 170’s.Ok it’s very hard to keep up with sarah and paul on their pashelys on the road but on the downhill I can smoke them! :sunglasses: I may go for a lighter frame sometime but i will just have to see how i get on really.


the troll charm is just what the uni needed

What tire is that?

it’s a duro wildlife leopard the trol is Thing 1 from cat in the Hat film i am gonna look 4 thing 2 for my trials.

Hey Ben,

your Muni looks the biz! We will have to meet up some time to Muni together. Shame you couldnt make it to buc, but with a Muni like tyhat, I guess you will be at at least one of the BMW’s! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell i aint spending that much on a cool ass muni and missing BMW!!! I can’t wait