My movie

I made a movie cople days ago.
Hope you enjoy it!

nice… i like the bw 1ft. ride.

the uni looks abit tall for you… but maybe you dont think so…

kl seat drag

haha i just thaught it was funny the title is “3th movie”

Yeah i know…
But the other: they dont present something:D

Sweet video, man!

I really liked it!

Keep up the good work.


Great video. You are really good for a 14 year old.

It’s very good but could loose some set up hops. Once you kill off a few of those there won’t be nothing in your way:D Keep it up man

that was cool. the seat drag and backward 1 footing was awesome. What song did you use? I really liked it:) also, when you wheelwalking, try to be a little less hunched over.

the song: Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Tell me baby