My movie - compression success for some strange reason...

I’ve been struggling to get my movie down to size for the last few days and for some strange reason it worked today. I’ve ended up with a 3min long 4.0MB video of muni, trials, and freestyle stuff. All you good riders probably shouldn’t bother watching it because it’s nothing special but it has a few interesting things like a backwards suicde mount.

Anyway, you can find it in a new album here:

p.s. Everyone should download all of Ryan’s movies…they’re ridiculously good.


Re: My movie - compression success for some strange reason…


Good riders should watch your videos as much as the rest of us for:

a) providing you tips
b) providing you encouragement
c) perhaps learning something, too
d) sharing in the experiences of those in community of which they’re a part

As for me, I am completely blown away by your riding, Andrew and yeah, a bit more so by Ryan’s excellent videos.

I can’t help, being who I am, seeing incredible circus acts being made out of these skills, as well, of course, as the extreme athleticism on display.

I am particulary struck by the audience tension that could be built up by rail riding and particularly the turning corners.

There’s no end to the entertainment possibilities there.

Raphael (who is just a little bit wishing he were 16 again at the moment) Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Amazing vid! Lot’s of great shots, good editing, great uni-ing. Love the uni spin near the end. Great stuff, keep it up. :smiley:

Remind me, again, where Ryan’s movies can be found? (too lazy to go look right now)

just downloaded the movie but can’t play it. Windows media player seems to try to download a codex but can’t get it. Any ideas?

You’ll be wanting the divx codec which can be found in various places including thisone:

You’ll find you’ll need this for quite alot of the videos on here. WMP will use the codec once installed, or you can use the bundled player.

Nice video btw Andrew, very sensual. Im a great fan of your ubiquity on these boards.

Cool! You got the MP3 and DivX compression working.

One of these days I’m going to have to make a little video. I already have the music picked out.

Great Video

MORE BC FOOTAGE! :sunglasses:

That’s actually one of the only ones I’ve ever done. They scare me a bit and I don’t get out and practice them much at all so I’m glad I got it on video :).

Ryan’s Unicycling Media!

Cool, I’m looking forward to seeing it. What’s the music? I can’t get over how much of a good song “A Fifth of Beethoven” is.

How’s your BC’ing going? I haven’t ridden it much at all lately because of the lead up to the 24hr and schoolwork. Now I’m on holidays (only 11 days after a 12 week term!!!) so I’m planning to ride it some more plus strengthen and use my cable spools.


nice werk!

seeing it may keep me from tearing apart may Muni for a couple more week-ends.

I’m not going to actually commit to making a video. That would take some effort (and some equipment). But it does cross my mind that it might be fun. When I first heard the song “Something’s Wrong” by Blinded I knew it would be the perfect song for a video if I ever did one. Yup, something’s wrong with me.

You can actually hear a bit of the song on the CD Baby web site.

Some links for Blinded

Well, I’m on spring break right now, but i’ve been focusing more on my giraffe unicycle than my BC wheel. But today, after some practice, I perfected so my BC wheel rolls in a straight line everytime for the rollling jump mount.