My Move is now done!!! NOW WATCH IT!!

well i have finally finished my movie and you will enjoy it. Also it has some nast falss in it so laugh all you want lol


I love the fall on the unicycle from that hand rail. I was so happy when you showed it in slow-mo at the end ^^

All around good vid though!

thakyou Yeha i fel twice. The one in slowmo hurt the most and the one after the part where it sais the end is just funny becasue i swear right before I fall and i got all wet.

Nice! Don’t worry, you’ll learn to fall painlessly on rails and skinnies soon enough. :slight_smile:


Nice Move!

(it was weird, there was this guy screaming at me the whole time)

What? there was a guy screaming at you the whole time? I am confused

I think that was his way of saying he dosn’t apretiate the music ^^

I’m very impressed with your riding, but not so much with your writing.

Keul movie. i loike how there were bikes & unis in it. My friend and i are making a move and I film him skating, he films me uni’ing. t3h chr4$h i$ t3h b3st!!!111one!

I think you need to take things as a joke you will be much happier

i cant view the video what is he talking about

I can’t view the video, it just starts downloading something when I click the link, is there a better link somewhere?!?!?!

Nice video! It always trips me out how those bikers jump so far, I mean, on unicycles, it’s pretty straightforward, you just jump, but bikes is a whole nother story! Mad props!

Great Job!!

Nice video… i ahd the weirdist feeling that ive veiwed it before though… hmm oh well i liked the music who was it?


Nice vid… hoppity, hoppity, hoppity…

I turned off the sound on the vid and had some nice classical going in the background. Worked well for me. I agree with Jagur. I get yelled at enough by teachers, i don’t need my music to do it too.

I said it before il say it agin, the guy on the nike makes it look too easy.

It was, and I am.

I meant to compliment you…BTW, does your english teacher read this site?

I think the question here is, “are you my English teacher” Like come on i never seen someone care so much about spelling and ponctuation!!! STOP BUGGING ME!!!