My long weekend 24hr race...who's interested?

are the california guys coming out again?

carl hasn’t repsponded about taking on the two teams he has in the past.

the registration goes public at 6pm tonight…

if there appears to be interest in forming 2 5 man teams, i will be able to put in for two teams, as it stands now, there is only one 5 person unicycle team ented (with spots still ‘unclaimed’ in it)

i have to put a $150 deposit down for each time

it’s Victoria weekend at teh end of may very close to Toronto.

do i go for the second team? where’s carl???


OK, it’s going down like this:

Noon May 20 2006 - Noon May 21 2006

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous 24 Hour 5 person relay…

I have registerred 2 positions for this event. The cost for this event is $160CDN. (each) This fee gets you a manditory Ontario racing licence (only used for the event) weekend camping in a log cabin, showers, and 3 cooked meals designed for racing athletes (hi carbs, hi deliciousness) as well as a goody bag (prizes in the past have been Tshirts and hats, all very cool)

As Nathan Hoover (who has done 24’s all around the world) said 2 years ago, ‘if I only do one next yera it will be this one!’ (and he was there)

(you need to have a light…if you want to ride at night)

Team One:

Brian MacKenzie
Tim Morin

Un-named other uni team:

Carl Hoyer (probably)

Please reply if you are interested, but only $160cdn will officially hold your spot.

this race is suitable for 24" - 36" unicycles (36rs being on the ‘just because I can’ end of the spectrum!

Let’s get some ladies out on the teams this year!

Oh…and I will be filming the event :slight_smile:

So, like, what else is new?

360 more lines of resolution

I’ve got a few questions: (I’m new at this)

  • Is it a road race or off road?
  • Which side of Toronto?
  • Is it around a course or from point A to point B?
  • Is it like a relay? approx how long is each man on the saddle?
  • If it’s a race how can a 24" even stand a chance with a 36"?
  • What does the winning team get?


  • Is it a road race or off road?

Very rocky, technical, all up and down off roading

  • Which side of Toronto?

A few mins west of barrie (Mansfield Conservation Center)

  • Is it around a course or from point A to point B?

12km laps

  • Is it like a relay? approx how long is each man on the saddle?

An hour - an hour 20 per lap, unless your Ryan Atkins, then it’s like 40 mins

  • If it’s a race how can a 24" even stand a chance with a 36"?

It’s less of a race and more of an ‘event’

  • What does the winning team get?

Tired (you would never beat the elite bike teams so it doesn’t matter, there is not a uni category)

joel burgess is also in

I hope I still have my place in that race, last year’s was neat!
Brian, please confirm me so I can get rid of 160 bucks.
And, there’s is no solo munier this year? Have you overcome your madness Brian?

if you go to ->photos -> scroll down till you see the links (the video is only of the weird mass start they do here)

Vince, You’re in!

I was glad i did it solo last year, but i barely had any time for beer drinking and hanging out, I would much rather be on a team.

Ahh I get it … it’s a bike race that’s open to unis.

That video was great … the guy on the back of the motorcycle say “Go!, Go!, Go!” lol

I’ve never been in any competitions before but I’m considering going to this.

I may be interested in this, if you wouldn’t mind an old ultimate frisbee player on one of the teams. I need to discuss the topic with my boss, er…, wife.

She’s usually agreeable to these things, as she’s into crazy endurance running races.

My resume includes a race up Whiteface in the Adks, and Equinox in VT, and a recent, but short, cyclocross race.

What’d’ya think - an old guy on the team? Me and my KH29 would be psyched.

I’m up for it, if you’ll have me. I’ve still got last year’s number card zip-tied to my spokes. I remember, on one of my laps, smacking my hip on a rock and just lying there…panting…at 2 AM…somewhere in the Canadian wilderness…on my 22nd birthday. Honestly one of the best experiences of my life!

I also remember that if I had finished my last lap just a few minutes sooner, Vince’s last lap would’ve counted. I’ll try harder this time, Vince.

I might be interested in this. I have never done anything like it but I think that my Yuni 29er would be perfect for something like this with the right cranks.

Frank - How long of a drive was it for you last year?

I flew. This was right after I totalled my truck.

But I’d be up for driving this year.

hope you can make it back Frank!

old guys, eh? i suppose we can have some old guys…:slight_smile:

29rs seem to be the ideal machine for this, however 24rs are fine as well. I just took my 36 2 years ago on this ‘not really a coker’ track to see if I could. I could. It’s what I will be using this time…although with an airfoil this time around.

The teams were quite stacked the last few times, this time we can shuffle people around based on ability when we get there, and try to match up the teams as evenly as possible, and actually make it a real race for the two teams

Count me in for this one for now. I’ll have to figure out the details closer to the event, but it do want to go.


Ignorant, but excited.

I don’t really know what I’m in for, but I sure am excited to do it.

See yas all there.

Hey Ben, if you want to, (assuming I can go), just get to Albany, and I’ll drive the rest of the way. Toronto is 6+ hours from me, I think.

Then again, maybe not.


My counsin is getting married in NYC that weekend. Darn, I was starting to get way psyched, too.

I don’t even really like the guy, but he’s a first cousin so I kinda gotta go.

Crapola, Brian, it seems like such a great plan, too. If I’m lucky, he’ll get in a fight with his fiance and cancel. Not too selfish of me, eh?

Didn’t you see his finance cheating on him or something? :wink: