My little unicycle.

Someone gave this unicycle to me, that they brought at a garage sale. Is this a savage? It was only $3.


sit on it for a while.

it’s a savage alright!

Here is the sticker on it.

Im thinking about using this in a video going off like a 4 foot drop or something.

I looked for the bike shop but coulnd’t find a website.

Ever thought of calling the phone number on the sticker?

Yeah i thought bought it but i figured there was no reason too.

Lol, the conversation

YOU: Did you used to sell unicycles
YOU: Oh, Ok, um… bye.

My thoughts exactly unigamer.

Shop: Harrel’s Bicycle World
You: Hi, um I’m wondering if you still carry unicycles.
Shop:Yes, as a matter of fact we do, we have (insert unicycles here) in stock and can order.
Shop:Anything else?
You: Could I get some directions…

And there you go, you’ve found a new unicycle supplier.

I wouldn’t order a uni from them cause i live in Oklahoma.

I just did a reverse phone number look up and sure enough, they are still listed.

Harrell’s Bicycle World
2515 Broad River Rd

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we already know that? :p. Just kidding, At least you know the business is still listed under that number, so it does still exist… Why you’d ever need to know I have no idea, but for $3 they might be willing to buy it back off you for a small profit…


It looks identicle to my Norco that my parents bought me in the mid 80’s. Although painful (comparatively) to ride, it’s all I had to learn on.
3$ is a good deal… even for something that painful.:smiley:

I’ll give you $4 for it.

That’s 33% profit. Sweet!

THe shipping on it would be way more than what your paying lol.

Go off a big drop on it.For $3 you cant be wasting much…

Ive have thought about that. Go off like a 6 foot drop and film it. That would be awesome to put in a video.

If it broke and racked you or something though…

that would suck.

shhhhhhhhhhh he isnt supposed to know that…