my limey (review)

I received my Onza Limey yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the frame didn’t actually have the plastic caps on top of the frame.

It felt really weird the first time I rode it. the “Q” factor in the cranks made it feel squirley. But after a little practice I got used to it and I actually like it.

My only complaint, the pedals. As i was riding down the street my pedal clipped the curb and BAM, the pedal is broken. I hadn’t even ridden it for an hour!

The frame isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. I like it. It’s extremely rigid and I haven’t hit my knees on it yet.

I love this uni. The only thing I would consider doing to it is get better pedals and eventually get a KH frame.

Those pedal pins look HUGE! Especially in the last picture…

ive never liked that style of pedal. So thin, and they do shatter easy.

are they welgos?

I never understand why people describe frames as “rigid”. Even the cheapest of metal frames are going to be rigid; there’s absolutely no flex in a unicycle frame anyway (unless it’s half broken or something)

Dont suppose you could please take a pic from the other way?
So i can see the shape of the actual frame/clearance etc?

those seems like some long cranks… I mean thats the way i like it if your using it for trials… which is what i hope you are using it for… it just can be a chore to do a crankflip, that is if you find the need to do a crankflip anyway… sweet uni

Tensiles are 140mm cranks

I like your choice of saddle.

same as koxx trials cranks right?

i was really close to ordering this unicycle, but the moments seemed like a better choice for me, since you can do trials and street with ease.

This is for sure a sick trials uni, but the frame still scares me.

what i mean by rigid is that i could feel my old koxx frame wiggling under me when hop or land awkwardly.

the pedals are retarted… the pins are so long that you cant dig your shoes in them to get grip. i definetly need new pedals for sure.

the frame is definetly larger then the koxx frame. but not a problem

the cranks are 140mm. which i like alot. i would like to try 137 though…

they are crappy no names

I assume you got the try-all put on it specially because you don’t like CCs…?

yeah. i got the try-all seperatly. i hate the CC

Oh and I forgot to say, those are nice clear photos with good colour.

I don’t think 1cm would much of a different feel… At least for me it wouldn’t.

That’s a sweet looking uni you got though, a blue hub finally looks normal on something other than a KH :stuck_out_tongue:

And those pedals look just…horrible, can you take those giant pins out maybe?

im gonna get some brand new pedals…

yeah. the camera is my moms digital, its a really really good camera.

man…its not on sale anymore…i wanted it for the saddle and wheelset. oh well.

the qu-ax isnt on sale anymore either

When I upgraded my 36r from a Radial 360 frame to a Nimbus, that’s how I described the difference. Several actions (mounting, idling, accelerating, breaking) all became easier as less energy was absorbed into the flex of the frame. Really, why else go for the expensive alloy of, say, a KH frame except for the “rigid” quality of the metal for the given weight and size?

3mm you mean, and that definitely wouldn’t make a difference…

6mm, one crank is just the radius.