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Hey ! this is my new video from this summer. Mostly of the filming is in august so it is some new and old clips.

-Marcus Hahn.

Hope you enjoy ! :wink:

wooow … MAD SKILLZ !!!

good job ! that was impressive

the flat got a little boring though

Thanks ! yes i agree it was a little to mutch flat combos :confused:

That was pretty crazy, you’re awesome.

I really love your style!

How you’re clean, and flowing, really nice vid (2 1080, man!)

Just, as they said, a bit boring at the end. The combo started to be repetitive (just to say, you do from hop on wheel to rolling wrap at least 3 times), but that’s just a little video problem, as a rider you’re really great!

all is already said, …
great skills, a bit boring flat 2much…
would like 2 c more high jumps!!! ( you got spring-inplants???):D:D

I wanna see a trials movie from you! :smiley:

Yeah, mix it up and do a trials/street video.

Amazing flat though.

yes, i wish i could do a trial video but i have hurt my back so i haven’t ride so much trial this summer :confused: But hopefully next video i will do, it will be more trial in it :wink: but also flat !

man your style and tricks are just awesome
how long do you ride?

Great vid marcus :smiley: you’ve already seen my comment on enhjulingsfolket :smiley:

That was crazy. I wish you labled your spins though… I couldn’t tell the 900s from the 1080s haha. Awesome video.

Mighty fine skills!

Awesome! Some combos were a bit boring…But at all was really nice… your best vid so far!

Keep it up :smiley:

yah man that was crazy,
fav trick:
900 to 90 to 180 180 180 :slight_smile:

It was a 720-90-180-180

yah one of the greatest vid´s i ever seen!Sweden rockt!

Now in autumn i have ride for about 3 years.

And Thanks for all the comments guys ! :slight_smile:

good video…i liked the triple backwards rolling wrap :slight_smile:

oh, then it suck!

(joke) :smiley:

edit: got msn Marcus? :stuck_out_tongue: