My legs are killing me

After about 600 yards my legs can’t take anymore ,

Ride more!!!

It sounds like you are not putting your weight but on the seat but on your legs as you pedal…When I first started learning unicycle I had this problem…

Mike A.

Hi Captdig!
What madams said…
Less weight on pedals, more weight on seat.

What part of Louisiana?
Anywhere near Lake Charles?

Thanks will try to focus on sittings

Just south of BR , Addis

You may also want to try raising your seat. If your seat is too low, it can be like doing squats when you don’t relax and put your weight on the seat.

A neat trick I learned here: Sit on your uni between two stationary objects. Use your arms to steady yourself (but no weight support). Slowly take the weight off your feet until you almost fall over. Now realize how much weight you have on your seat, and try to put that much weight on your seat when you are riding. Helped get me from 800 feet to miles.

~90% of your weight should b on the seat for basic riding IMO.

You may need a padded cell with leg restraints. Another idea is to get a friend to tie your legs in a splint so they can’t move. Are your legs trying to kick you, or are they making you fall all the time trying to bash your head in?

Joking aside, practice more, the “I’m Sore Stage” happens to everyone. Like others have said try to focus on putting your weight on the saddle not the pedals.

Thanks for all the input , I am trying to focus on my weight distribution .,I never thought about where & how it was placed on the seat

Ride more, your tolerance will build with experience and time, though leg pain is par for the course because:

No upper body support
No coasting
No gears

We all got/get tired legs, it’s the price we pay for being unicyclists.