My leg

Well I got good news! My doctor said my leg was healing so well after 2 weeks she gave me a boot. and said I could have that off in 3 weeks. Yes only 5 weeks in all! dunno how much longer to unicycle. I think about 2 more months…Yay!

2 months without unicycling! poor you if i go for a week i get unicycle withdrawal syndrome, hope you’re leg heals soon and count down the days till you’ can get back in teh saddle!

You must be young, it’s been almost 12 weeks since I shattered my thumb. I go back to the doctor tomorrow, hopefully he’ll remove the last 2 pins

Gee, I get widrawal symptoms after about 16hours without riding or after about 32 hours without any trials or muni, regardless of whether I’ve riding recently.

I really hope you’re leg gets better, it’s a shame to get hurt. I bruised my tailbone when I fell off an attempt at a 36" pedalgrab. I felt awful, 2 weeks without any sidehops over 18" :frowning: . I was in the dumps.

Hey Eublapharis13 (Jeffery),
That is great news! We’ve been missing you at the MUC practices. However, we are taking advantage of your absence as we are busily creating new trials challenges - not for us but for YOU to entraintain us on. Get well soon and come out and play in the MUC - even if you are not riding.

Re: My leg

that IS good news

let me sound like an uncle for a moment?
dont rush it
and extra week/month now MIGHT save u serious problems and much longer non-uni periods later
work with the medicos and physios (if they send u) and don’t try n cheat on recovery periods
u’ll only be cheating yourself

sermon over