My Latest Video

I just released a new YouTube video. Let me know what you think! I had a lot of fun shooting this one.


Nice! Btw I think we met at jugglefest in Austin? I was working on idling on my 26er :slight_smile:

Freestyle is not for me but i can appreciate the skills it takes and the level you are at is incredible :grinning:

One footed backwards riding was impressive.

I can never work out how you can be sat on the saddle wheel walking without the uni falling over.

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Ah yes! How’s the idling coming along?

How’s the idling coming along?

Slowly :sweat_smile: . I haven’t been working on it as much lately and have mostly just been cruising, and starting to experiment with trail-riding

I do appreciate the tip you gave to try working on riding no-hands though. I’ve gotten a lot better at that and it seems to have smoothed things out in general

Of course! What makes practicing no-hands even better is that you can do that with just about any trick. If you need help with idling at all I do have a tutorial on my channel where I give some tips that helped me.

That’s good you’re trying new things like trail riding! Keep it up!

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