My latest video

Enjoy! :smiley: All coments are always appreciated.

I know people have been watching this. Do none of you have anything to say? :slight_smile:

Ooh, nice locations. You had some pretty unique lines too, good stuff! :smiley:

Nice vid :D. Good static seat in hops.

awesome! :slight_smile: very nice filming, cool natural stuff in there :smiley:

nice falls!
and backgrounds.

ridings not bad either

Wow :astonished: , verry cool video:D
I realy enjoy watching this vid.
And your seat in hop’s looks smooth :roll_eyes:

Epic bails. Nice riding along those tree roots! Could maybe have shot more locations but those chosen were awesome!

Nice vid - I like how you show the falls up front, which reflects the process, not just the ultimate high point of things you ultimately landed.

I get over your way camping occasionally, next year might try to get together. I’m not much of a trials rider, but my kids could use some inspiration from someone other than me, and maybe we could do a little trail riding.

That was some pretty sweet riding. Your style is a bit sketchy and i hated the music. But im overly critical. Nice vid.

Thanks for all the complementary comments! :smiley: Thanks for the constructive criticism too.

@uniShark. Yeah, if you come to Coeur d’Alene during the school year I would love to get together. I am Going to school here, but in the summer I live in Sandpoint so we could meet there too, or somewhere between the two.