My Latest Freestyle Unicycling Video

Let me know what y’all think.


That is so good! I know because I have been trying to learn the 2 foot forward wheel walk and it is taking so long , months and months!

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Have you tried going slow?

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Nice weather to practise Wheel Walk, One foot reverse, etc unicycle practise - YouTube I think I am quite slow ? Maybe this video is showing me going faster than usual, but I think I can only do it better slow. Any comments or tips?

I see the problem. It looks like you’re rushing to put your foot on the tire after each stroke. Leave a little bit of space between each foot. Also keep your feet straight in relation to the tire. Think “toe - heel”.

You also need to lean back a tiny bit more. Though the reason for leaning too far forward could just be that you’re rushing to put your feet on the tire and not keeping them straight.

In my opinion it’s best to learn all wheel walks by going really slow, like slower than you’re comfortable going. It may be harder in the moment, but it’s a whole lot easier to wheel walk in control than it is to wheel walk out of control.


Thanks!! I’ll try not to " rushing to put your foot on the tire after each stroke" tip. and the other tips! Wheel walk is indeed a fun trick and I see why you do this trick mostly(?)

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