my Lasco crank broke

I just broke one of my Lasco cranks. It was 140mm on my Monty wheelset. I just posted a review if you want to know more about it.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for replacements.
I like the 140mm size, and the only other cranks of this size (cotterless of course, I’m not ready to shell out for a profile setup yet) seem to be the Dotek and Monty cranks.
Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Dude we should start a club

I had the same wheelset and totally sheered my lasco crank off, there are some pix of it in the gallery.

I ended up replacing them with some 125 Bicycle Euro’s they were shorter than what I wanted ( I really perfer the 140’s) but I wasnt about to pay an arm and a leg for some Monty or other cranks that I would break doing the same thing. Dylan Wallbanger Wallinger recomended the 125 BE’s because they were stronger than the Lasco’s and I would have to agree with him. Its been a good call for me they still are in good shape besides a bunch of superficail scratches from Pedal grabs and leanring to grind… I lost some height initally on my jump (like 3 inches) but now thats back and even better than before. If you want to save some cash that’s what I would go for.

Eventually I’m going to rebuild my wheel with either an Onza, or KH Hub and Crankset. Thats why I went for the cheap solution that could hold out till I got the cash, and the innexpencive Splined hubs came on the market.


Zim’s cranks also had the dark spot part of the way along the break. Bicycle Euro’s seem like the cheap way out for him, but the loss of length seems extreme, I suppose it will be good for his freestyle practice. I wonder if the Dotek cranks are any good.

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Lasco crank-breakers club

Too bad your left crank broke too. If it had been the right, I’d have given you $5 for it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion, checkernuts.

You have any pix of your breakage?

You also said you were riding 1 footed and it broke off, That blows man, if you dont care about having shitty cranks for a bit longer I’m sure if you bitch to they will send you a new one for free. They were spose to put a Left Lasco Crank in with my BE’s but they forgot. I really dont mind all that much but it would be nice to have a backup set of cranks when I destroy the be’s doing something else stupid. My sugestion if you want to do this (try and get a free left crank) is to ask for it by itself and not just have them throw it in the box with another set of cranks.