My Large Marge Wheel found a new home

I found the perfect home for my 24" Large Marge Wheel. (Widgetless Jagur)
Thanks to Pete Perron brazing a dual brake mount onto a Joe Rowing frame. I had another Rowing Frame and it was a favorite. When I saw Pete was selling this one I couldn’t resist. This setup is much cleaner though a little heavier than the Scott Wallis adapters with the KH frame, which was very nice. I prefer non-standard stuff anyway. I can’t imagine a better LM setup.

Big Brother - Little Brother


Brake Mounts

Why lace such a bomb proof rim to such bendable cranks?

Either way, Looks very sweet. Get more mud on it!

looks good to me

Nice, I like it. So how do you feel about the LM rim? Is it much better than standard?

Whoa Joe! ya cant just go around raizin the dead like this…its just…well, i guess you can.

Phil, are you thinking of moving up to the 26" LM?

I’m blue in the face from holding my breath for a Surly 24" Endomorph!

(EDIT) PS: Thanks Joe R. for making your Blizzard series! One of the better frames ever!

I’m still holding out for the 24". I’m afraid the 26 will be too much for standard muni riding and accents. I’m anxious to try the 24" for standard Muni riding. I’m wondering if it will be good/great, or too massive. The LM with a 3 x 24 may be the optimal setup. When the 24" Endomorph does finally come out I’ll get one and find out for myself as I’m sure you will as well. I definitely think the LM rim is the best rim out there.

And yes Joe, GREAT frame.

I’ve ridden quite a few miles on a 26x3.75 Large Marge/Endomorph setup, and I would say that the tire behaves too strangely to be ideal for general-purpose MUni. The biggest problem is with side slopes (or road camber); the tire performs horribly when the ground is not centered underneath it. It has lots of hops and can roll over things, but I think you’d wind up fighting it too much on a MUni.

That’s assuming the 24" Endomorph has the same tread pattern as the 26".