My KOXX had been acting up

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^…lately. THE PROBLEM: Every half rotation inbetween the hub and the cranks (the right side) it makes a clicking noise and its getting really annoying. what is it? :frowning: .thanks

If it is new then it might be that the spacer is moving around, and you can just keep tightening the crank and eventually the spacer wont be able to move. Or it might be the pedals.

im pretty sure its not the pedals…il take your advice annyway…see if it works :slight_smile:

I dont think its the pedals, but if it was you could probaly tell that.

Just do a complete maintenance on it, take it all apart, which will take about 10mins. Tighten yours spokes, take off your cranks and pedals, grease all the things that need to be greased, make sure you get all the dirt or any junk from the bearings or any other part, put it all back together, and tighten it up nice and tight, should fix it.

It is probably your pedal getting a little loose, or your bearings for your hub may be getting kinda old, it could be a spacer like mentioned above, or your spokes, or if you have reflectors on the pedals, they can be loose.

I say its just easier to do a full maintenance on it so it goes through everything that can be causing a problem.