My knees are sore?

I have found usually that when I have sore knees when riding, it is actually caused by something else, like spending too much time on my knees at work or something like that. Is there any chance that the cause isn’t unicycling, but the injury or soreness is brought out by unicycling?

You may have room to raise your seat some. I was told that sore knees are most often caused by having the seat too low (leg not fully extended on lowest pedal position) and when learning to idle to definitely raise the seat to your maximum allowable. Good Luck. I’m still learning to idle also.


On top of the knee, raise the seat.
Back of knee, lower the seat.

k i have a problem with my lower back getting sore when i sif hop.
im fairly new at SIF hopping, and crank stalls etc.
is that why it hurts?
i think it could also be that i have a weak back anyways
and its usually the first thing to become sore in anything i do

my neck hurts from time to time also…

are you riding a suspension uni :stuck_out_tongue: