My knees are sore?

My knees hurt any suggestions, its fine if im going straight but its when im trying to lurn how to idle that they hurt. It feels as if i get all tense and then the muscle gets sore mostly around the top and the sides of my knee. Im starting to do some strengthening excercises. Any how any suggestions would be great. Thanks alot mat

Stretch before and after every ride…No mater how long or short it may be.

How new are you to the sport? Idling should only require a relatively small force once you’ve learned it really well.

Don’t over strain your knees or when you get older you’ll have terrible difficulty Morris dancing.

i dont wanna lose my morris dancing

i will stretch more, i have been doing some yoga for the backs of my legs and thighs. I realise it doesnt take much effort to im still learning to succomb all my wieght to the seat.

very new

ive been riding uni on and off for a year or two. Butnever really attempted to idle untill i got my new uni. So fairly new i guess. Any tips on idling?

I learnt a new tip at BUC that has greatly improved my idling.
Put as little weight as possible on the top foot. If your wheel twists it’s because there is too much weight on your top foot.


Actually I have on occassion got sore knees while unicycling. My knees used to hurt when I was learning - due to jarring when I hit the floor I thought. Also the first time I played unihockey I had a swollen knee the next day. Sometimes my knees click when I’m riding the 29er with 140mm cranks.


That’s why you’re so sore. As you practice, it will get better. You won’t get as sore. I wouldn’t sweat idling until you can ride “as long as you want” with your weight on the seat.

Incidentally, I never purposed to learn idling very well. I learned a bunch of other skills in higher levels, and then one day I realized that I could idle with one foot. Only after idling with one foot did I really solidify my (two footed) idling technique, which probably has something to do with what Cathy mentioned–keeping your weight off of your top foot.

I learnt a new tip at BUC that has greatly improved my idling.
Put as little weight as possible on the top foot. If your wheel twists it’s because there is too much weight on your top foot.

This is a pearl of widom.
Although I can ride backward OK I always have difficulty doing the transition from forward to back (ie the basic idling requirement).
Anyway, having noted Cathwood’s post quoted above, I went straight out and proved to myself that it not only works but is the key that I was lacking.

I am most grateful for your insight.


How exciting. I wish I could take credit for the insight, unfortunately it was Steve Granger who told me. But glad I could helpfully pass it on.



hmmm… i learned hop-180 b4 i started going backwards… but what if you turn sharp




if u put some more wieght in the seat you might take some strain and weight off ur legs

I have the same problem.
My knee (usually the right one) gets sore under the kneecap.
I have tried the “weight in seat” and “using less force” but pain always sets in.
To date, I’m still not that good at it.
Normal riding, going backwards, hard muni, and all other types of riding do not cause the pain.

do you ride for long periods of time? becasue it might be lactic acid build up, i know its common when you walk for a long time.

i guess i have a condition…

i talked to the dr and he said that my outer muscles are stronger than my innter therby pulling my knee cap out of its track and rubbing whcih in turn fucks me up. So stretches and strengthening.

In reference to the seat, thing, i have a hard time surrendering myself to it. Its wierd my legs automatically want to take over. Im learning not to though. Slowly but surely. WELL i have a nice little break to think about it.

I can’t wait to try this tomorrow when I transition. :slight_smile:

Raise your seat!! I have been struggling with sore knees with longish Muni rides. Got a Salsa quick flip so I can move the seat up while climbing or going flat and lower it while doing technical stuff. No more sore knees!