My knees are killing me

I’ve only been into this a week, I’m 5’9" 180 lbs and ride a torker 20", Does a low seat post mean pain in the knees? my post is up as high as it can go and there is still a decent amount of bend in my knee, what gives?

What kind of pain are you experiencing?

I had debilitating knee pain for almost a month due to muscle imbalances before I corrected them. That was a problem that took a while to develop though and I doubt that you have the same problem.

I would look into getting a longer seat post. I never got sore knees but my legs would get really tired when I was learning if you seat was too low.

Sore knees

My knees were sore just blow the kneecap after I rode one of my longest rides to date (half-mile --all down hill). In my case it’s probably little-used muscels that need to be strengthened.


As Eric said you should look into getting a longer seat post. You’re are probably overextending your knees. As you’re currently starting to learn you are also more than likely not putting enough weight onto the saddle, and your legs are taking most of the weight and balance. You will start to put more weight onto the saddle the more your ride, but you do need to consciencely think about it when learning.

If they are really sore, rest for a day or so as you don’t want to damage your knees.

i had the same problem it hurt really bad at first but it goes away you are just using different muscles and tendons then normal so your muscles have to get use to the movement i went and bought joint supplements and started taking those and it really helped then i noticed that my knees didn’t hurt at all and stopped taking the supplements and from then on i have been fine just takes a bit :smiley:

I am having below the knee pain now too! Its next to the patella tendon on the inside (medial part). I know its a tendon. My legs are probably still out of shape. Is it from jumping off the front of the uni or just muscles that were weak? Should I ride my bicycle instead a day or 2 or can I keep uniing or shorten my practices a bit or just ice it? I really want to keep riding the uni! Its about an inch below the kneecap in a nickel sized spot. On both knees…

just take a brake as needed try not riding for like a day or 2 and take some Advil or Tylenol as needed and just try to rest them thats what i did the pain should let up and you should be able to ride soon just try to take it easy and it should start to feel better pretty soon hope this helps good luck and hope you feel better :slight_smile:

you can try to ice it or shorten your practice till it stops hurting

Thanks! Ice feels good! Its not painful, just sore. Think riding my bicycle would be OK? I can ride that to work tomorrow and see if its OK then. Or is it the same muscles? :thinking:

yeah you should be able to ride your bike the only reason you have sore legs is that your using muscle that you never/solemnly used before unicycling involves a lot of very unused muscles and a lot of which are not used with a bike and walking in the such but yes you should be fine to ride your bike and you could still ride your uni just might hurt a little just try not to go crazy and give your body to to adapt to the new movements

Unless you are a doctor I wouldn’t go around telling someone who has painful soreness to keep doing something.

If it really hurts see a doc if not take a break.

Saying “The only reason you have sore legs is”, is complete speculation, although it is most likely true this is dangerously bad news to give someone.

If you go to see a doctor make sure they specialize in either orthopedics or are well versed in sports medicine. especially if you have to pay for the service! (do you have to pay to see a doc or just the treatments in the states?)

I saw 6 general practitioners before one know what was wrong with my knee. I would have seen an orthopedic doctor but they were on strike.

I’m pretty sure its tendonitis beginning. I had a partial menisectomy in one knee so I had to rest and then they took bone out of my hip to repair my arm so I had to rest for a long time. I lost a lot of muscle from these injuries. Coming back I was getting pain below the knee and the Dr. said it was tendonitis, needed strengthening. I think its the same pain. I guess I’ll take a rest day tomorrow. Maybe ride my bike for a day after that. Hopefully it will be fine by then, if not I’ll visit my Dr. I asked at PT and they said it doesnt seem serious. I’ve gotten a lot of aches and pains post op, most are just being out of shape or scar tissue breaking down so nothing needing Dr. care. Just time. I’m still working on getting in shape it seems. I just searched it to see if maybe it was common. Feels OK now so sure a little rest will do me.

If your knees still get hurt, don’t do any exercise or yoga pose for a while. Use knee braces or knee supports for pain relieving. Try to avoid standing and walking for a long time. Don’t carry heavy stuffs. When you get better, do the leg raises pose two times a day, in the morning and before going to bed. This pose help strengthen the knee muscles. it also empowers the hip joints, back and neck muscles.

yes to all, Pay, Pay , Pay and Pay

LOL, so true! My knee has been fine now. My ankles started getting sore so started wearing running shoes and that solved that. I guess they were getting jammed from lack of cushioning. I like my skate shoes better for the pedals but they lack cushioning.

I wear Nike sb mid tops. I like the higher top on the shoes it protects my ankles.
Then I have gel insoles that take some impacts.

Ok I just experienced the same pain as I ran to class my knees were killing me. Must be from all of the riding I did yesterday.

Cool, I will check into those, just a little broke now too lol. So do those have waffle pattern on the bottom? I like those about my skate shoes, also Nike, the pins fit in them nicely. My running shoes its knobbie type of sole on the bottom so that isnt ideal for pedals. Do you wear 661 knee/shin guards too? I’ll guess I’ll have to take those with me so I can see if this works. It would be nice to have cushioning, ankle support and waffle sole for the pedals. :D:D