My kid's inaugural hard Ooooph

Coinsidentally, at the recent Louisville MUni Rendezvous, I told some of our riders that my signature move is called the “Ooooph”. But they informed me that they had been doing it for years.

My daughters (14 and 10) are into MUni. I upgraded my MUni recently and cut the seatpost on my old Yuni24 to fit the older one, but the younger one still only fits her 20" Torker. We’ve cut some air pressure to soften the little bumps…works ok.

Yesterday we took an easy MUni ride on some flat woodsy trails near the Wolf River. It has been raining a little each day for about 4-5 days around here, but the trails were 85% dry-ish. There were puddles and slick sections, but the kids masterfully picked out some good lines to meander through the challenges.

On one quiet section of muddy doubletrack, Sarah (14) was leading, me in the middle, and Ellen (10) behind. Soft sound of tires rolling over dirt or gravel or mud. Birds singing left and right. Then, from behind, OOOOOOOOOPH! Ellen had done her very first faceplant. She was riding the 12"-wide ridge between two puddles when her little tire sunk into a muddy patch the size of a dinner plate. She landed hard, belly first, which violently pushes the air out. There was no effective place for [wrist guarded] hands to go to cushion the blow. The ruts left and right were deep enough to cause the ridge to punch her right in the gut.

I’ve Oooophed 100s of times starting with Mountain B*king. I remember the first times, thinking “Did I just break myself?” and “that was loud.” Well, as we all know, it is a violent and jarring way to stop. And loud. When your body comes down on your belly, it pushed the air out fast, making for a loud “Ooooooph”. But after some consoling words, a hug, a look-see for injury, she calmed down. Now its a big story for her peers. She even wanted to preserve the mud-slick on her shirt so mom could see. She had a glob of mud on the visor or her helmet. I acted out how she must’ve skidded to a stop, with her visor plowing down the path (exagerated, of course).

Naturally, she’s UPD’d tons of times. Even had some bad twisty falls. But this was my baby’s first certifiable face plant.

I’m so proud.


If you got her back up and on the ride, you are my hero! Way to go!

I wish my daughter was advanced enough to Ooooph, but I’m sure she will be one day.
Personally I’m more into wraarrghhh, which is more prolonged, less painful but more scary, as it often has the potential to become an Ooooph.

Re: My kid’s inaugural hard Ooooph

Glad to hear Ellen was not seriously hurt. It must have been a Happy Father’s Day for you.:slight_smile:

“…But this was my baby’s first certifiable face plant. I’m so proud.”

Wow…I’m speechless. She’s my Hero !

The story brought tears to my eyes. :wink:

Hey, Ellen is officially in the MUC MUni club now! You’ve got to Ooooph at least once as an initiation. But tell me, did she get mud up her nose? Extra points for mud up the snooze. She’s my hero, too!


Glad to hear nothing was hurt other than a little pride, Tom. I remember riding (on bikes) those Wolf River trails before they were really trails. That is a neat ride.

We had a little scare at a parade Sunday. My 7 year old took a tumble, which he does regularly. He skinned up knees and elbows, as usual. But when he stood up he turned real white and started to faint. He sat down for a while and recovered before the parade was over. He is back to his semi-normal state now.

Look forward to meeting all you guys when you host the nationals.

Re: Re: My kid’s inaugural hard Ooooph

Oops. It would have been a Happy Father’s Day if it had been Father’s Day.

Go riding again this Sunday.

Jethro, I hope the kid’s ok. Assuming the parade was on asphalt, I’d much rather crash on dirt.

MucRider, Every day you ride MUni with your kid is Father’s Day.:smiley:

Roadkill, you want more tears? Read this.

Thanks to all. I read this thread to her this morning. She had a big grin. She says she’s really one of us now.