My KH trials 05' came today!

I just got my new KH trials today from UPS, i rode it for about an hour and it feels awesome! I have not yet done any trials type stuff with it, but i practiced my gliding. I like the feel of the creepy crawler tire and the new fusion saddle is nice. The handle is much better and the seat does feel a little more stiff. I am going to try some trials tonight or tomorrow so I will let everyone know how it goes.


We both have the same unicycle!!! However I recieved mine just before Christmas. I really like the new KH handle! Congrats on you choice!

Why wait?Go do trialsy stuff now instead of later!

HAVE FUN!:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and also, I want to check to see if my axle or hub is slipping at all (I dont notice anything now). How would I go about checking to see if my new KH 05’ has a faulty axle(like some of the 04’ batches)? I want to make sure that it is in perfect working condition before i try a lot of things on it.

Also: is there anything else i should check

I’m still waiting for mine. :frowning: I should get it on Thursday though.

I got my 05 Muni before Christmas and it’s luvverly! I really want to get the trials…and the 29" now (and a better paying job to go with them).

I’d get out and ride the thing and ride it hard. I’ve had mine a few weeks and not really had any problems yet; except for a slight prob with the rail adaptor which I fixed. And you don’t get the rail adaptor with the trials…So yeah, go and give it a few christening scratches!



I had a slip that was somewhat evasive, and at first I only noticed it when I idled. It was difficult but possible to detect it when I held the tire in place with my body and put force on both cranks with my hands. It helped if I already had idled with it for a while to “soften it up”. So I suppose if you have any slip the best way to notice a slip would be to just idle with a lot of force on the cranks.

did u guys get yours from bedford? cuz i ordered one from and it gets shipped tomorrow, so will arrive a week from tomorrow

Yea, I got my 2005 KH Trials from Bedford Unicycles. Great service & quick shipping; definitely always a pleasure to deal with Darren…

I ordered it from on christmas.

i ordered it just after Christmas, the 30th and it hasn’t even started shipping yet. mabye they had like one to ship out and then had to order some more

How does the Maxxis compare to the Luna?

nvm. ups just emailed me and said that it’s getting shipped as of today so it’ll get here by next wednesday

I got my new kh 05 today to. its pretty wicked, way better than my old one, but next time around i need a new uni i think i will go for a bedford. if its good enough for ryan atkins and jeff groves its good enough for me. am gonna get a bc wheel when i have the money too.

I’m just curious, is the KH 2005 24" Freeride model something you could do some trials with, or are it to weak/heavy (7.1 kg) to get it going?

I’m in thease buying dreams, and just woundering.
Because, i am going to do some muni, with steep climbs and narrow paths, and i don’t feel that a 20" would really get me anywhere i want.

My riding style is a kind of cruising style, i take my uni when i’m going somewhere, but i also really want to learn some trials, jumping up benches and flights of stairs, some grinding and so on.

But, i’m also interested in other municycles that may be able to use for both trials and muni, and some street.

Is the onza 24" muni built to last this kind of things?

Or is it just to face it that i need a tuni (trial-unicycle) for trials and a muni for muni?

it ain’t too heavy to jump with. I can jump as high on my kh24" as I can on my onza, but I find rollng hops a little harder. The bounce in the tyre makes up for the weight, and I really like doing trialsy stuff with the longer cranks it makes things feel a bit more stable.

I would highly reccmoend that you go for a kh 2005 24" they really are nice!


I only tried the Luna for a little bit at the Richmond meet a while ago. They both seem like quality tires, but I think I like the Maxxis better (maybe b/c im more used to it).

UPS came by earlier with goodies from new KH2005 trials for me, Nimbus trials for my sister. I assembled the Nimbus:

We asked for the red seat, but the Creepy Crawler tire appears to be new on the Nimbus. Some friends of mine had ordered some trials from the last batch and got a different tire.

I’ll take some pictures of the KH2005 trials next to the Nimbus for comparison later tonight.