My KH 24 for Your KH 20 (Trade or Sale)

I am looking to trade my like new KH 24 Muni for a KH 20 trials uni. I got this from a friend who never learned to ride but haven’t used it much myself, so I feel like a trials unicycle would be more fitting for me. This one literally has less than 10hrs of riding time total!

-150mm KH Moment Cranks
-KH Freeride saddle (style with the groove down the middle)
-Duro Wildfire Leopord Tire (24 x 3.0)
-Extra All-Around Tire (24 x 2.3)
-Aluminum studded pedals (Most of the wear was from another unicycle, they haven’t spent much of their life on this one)

Ideally I would trade straight up for a KH 20 in good condition, but I am open to other offers as well. I am located in Minneapolis, MN but could ship it.