my ipiphany(spelling?)

I realised that since I started unicycling I have never really thought about landing. Untill recently my knees have been fine. But I wondered about how much I constantly land on my feet and how unconciously i do it. So lately I have been try ing to be landing light and and kinda going foreward smoothly. It already feels better. Somtimes i guess we jump ahead of ourselves and miss steps and I feel that falling landing are really important things to learn over the long term. Im 24 and have stiff joints from skating with outs stretching for ten years and now im paying for it. So we think we are invinceible. Wait ten years of neglecting this body and see what happens. Every moment you can be present with each step from stepping up to stepping down on a uni or anything in life for that matter is important enough to not be over looked…anyhow any other tips on dismounting gently and flowing would be great.

I just look at it like, it can’t be any worse for your joints than running, ya know? I could be wrong though…

It’s epiphany, you were close.

I agree entirely that young men think they are invincible, and are always wrong. Trying to land gently, stretching when warm and making sure you warm up properly are all important, as is warming down after a ride