My intro to MUNI..

OK… so we went to a state park for a picnic today… I decided to take my uni to see if I could ride on a few dirt trails as I had never actually tried it. After airing the tire down a bit, I had some fun and figured out how to hop over some roots and stuff. I rode till I was sore and thinking… I really need to get a better seat.

So on the way out of the park, we drive by 5 or 6 people and they have real live honest MUNIs! I’m like… whoa… cool… so I stop to talk for a bit. I’ve never seen a real MUNI up close… much less ever tried to ride one. They were more than happy to let me test drive one. Neato! KH24 and QUAX…

So they invite me to come along for some light trail riding… OK… what the heck… I’m doing OK keeping up then we get to a good downhill… I made it through the first half or 2/3 of it and was holding the pedals back hard going down the hill and hit a root… it bucked me off… my ankle took a hit and was sore, but I was still walking on it… so I start riding again and it feels weird… so I let one of the other guys ride it to make sure it wasn’t just my ankle… no such luck… I bent and twisted the Torker LX hub… oops… works fine for cruising around the paved universe but the first time I did anything remotely extreme, it’s done…

Sounds like a good excuse to upgrade :smiley:

Hardware failure is God’s way of telling you to upgrade :smiley:

MUni time!!!

Yeah… I’m looking… The guys I met out there mostly had KH24’s. Very nice… but not cheap. Of course they recommended them, especially since I’m not a lightweight, they seemed to think that anything less wouldn’t hold up and I’d be in the same boat… maybe not after the first time out… but still.

Looking at the KH24 Freeride… Koxx Track Monster 24… QU AX… I dunno… I don’t see myself doing 4ft drops, but I don’t want to be tweaking things everytime I go out. And my wife still hasn’t gotten her jaw relocated after finding out a KH24 was well over $500. :roll_eyes:

If you want to keep your Muni low cost then try to slavage parts from your old one(seat, seatpost, pedals maybe) and then customize one for yourself.

The Muni im building is splined and is gonna cost about $400. I used the old Gen 1 Kh setup and its worked great on my trials so i figured that it would serve great for a Muni. It also helps to kno someone who works in a bike shop. Then they can build your wheel in their spare time!.

Or you could just go ahead and buy one that is all pre made for you. I like the personal touch that a custom Muni gives:)

24" DX

can be extreme with it without being extreme to the wallet!


Well… went to the bike shop and he said no worries, he’ll get it taken care of. Should have parts by the end of the week. +1 for dealing with the local guy! :slight_smile:

I looked at the DX, but it seems tire clearance can become an issue there. If I do this, I’m thinking I’m going to want a 3" tire, mainly because I’m well over 200 pounds and the skinnier the tire, the more air I have to run to keep the rim off the ground.

The owner of the bike shop says Profile is supposed to have a uni out this fall. I know their uni hubs/cranks are highly regarded… I guess they’re doing a frame too. But I hate waiting haha…

Terrybigwheel on these forums runs a 24x3" Duro tire in his Torker DX and he says theres lots of clearance. The only tire that i think may not fit into the 24" DX frame is the Gazz.

yeah the 06’ torker can fit 3" tires in them


When I bought my Profile hub & cranks a few months ago, they came with a catalog that had the Profile unicycle in it. UDC has a picture of it here:

But they’re not selling the whole thing, just the frame. Weird. It’s more expensive than the KH frame ($199)…but made from ChroMo.

In general, you get what you pay for. Drop the $$$ now or drop 'em later…but you’ll probably drop 'em no matter what. :smiley:

terrybigwheel recently upgraded to the KH, and seems quite happy with it.

Paypal is evil… it’s so easy for it to seem like Monopoly money or something…

I just ordered a KH24 Freeride with a Gazzaloddi tire.

MUNI is as bad as crack… you can become an addict after trying it just once. :smiley:

Good on ya! You wont be dissappointed. No more twisted hubs for you!