My idea for a unicycle...

So I was thinking today (as I was getting a new tube for my uni) that giraffe’s are awesome, and cokers are really useful (distance and speed wise.) Then I thought “Why not combine the two?” A giraffe-coker! It would be like, 5 or 6 feet tall, 36 inch rim, and it would go really fast. Has anyone done this? Would it even be possible?

If so, I wan’t one…

it has been done

yest its been done but it was geared down to be a 29" wheel rather than a 36

it seems like the stupidist idea ive ever heard, but many would say the same about unicycling in general

people gear up a uni, but yeah, its not practical

yeah i forgot who it was, but someone posted that they made a high speed giraffe. it would be more practical than a coker wheel, and wouldnt look so goofy (cause the giraffe doesnt look funny to non uni people already)


No unicycles are practical. If you want practical ride a bike.

He lies!

I find unicycles quite practical, in many cases much moreso than a bike

Remember that practicality is subjective - and what’s “practical” for some people may be luxury or impractical for others.

I am a college studient and unicycling is practical for me. It has a large diameter wheel so I can ride over rocks and junk like that (unlike rollerblades or a skateboard). It is also small enough that I can store it in a class room (unlike a bike). And (of course) it is way faster and cooler than walking around.

-Alaskan Unicyclist

Has it been done with a derailleur?

I wish I knew whether you were joking.

Nice giraffe coker picture, not sure if I would personally want to be that high, that fast, but I guess it will better ride the bumps for those that do.


Damn! Just noticed it has been geared down a fair bit.


Just thinking, if you geared a 36" wheel down to 20" speed by a chain drive or epicyclic gearbox you’d have a slow uni that could still roll over anything. or would the wheel spin too slowly to give you stability?

That might be possible, but what would the point be? A huge wheel that goes really slow?

it makes to tal sense…rather than lose the control with the big wheel you gain control with the speed of the small wheel but still have the hill climbing abilities