My hub broke

Boo hoo… The hub on my unicycle broke yesterday. It is an older Schwinn and
the hub flange broke away from the center. I am not really suprised. I bought
the unicycle used and noticed after I had had it a month or so that the hub in
this area was worn almost clear through. I suspect there was a bad bearing on
this side at one time and the frame was allowed to rub on the hub. Don’t really
know for sure because nothing rubbed and all was tight when I got it.

Tried to do a kickup mount and the flange just gave way. I have had the unicycle
just over a year and have used it pretty hard.

Guess I wll call Tom Miller at the Unicycle Factory tomorrow and see if I can
get a new hub. Don’t know if it is work fixing, but I will check out what Tom
has in the way of parts. (Would be nice to get an alloy rim, cotterless cranks,
etc. since I have to replace the hub…)

Andy Arhelger

Re: My hub broke

Tom doesn’t have a 28 spoke Schwinn replacement hub for my unicycle. Tom and I
estimated it would cost almost $100 to replace the hub, rim, cranks, pedals and
tire. I have cottered cranks, 1/2 pedals and an old Schwinn S7 rim that would
all have to be replaced.

Tom basically said just what Dennis said he would. He did recommend the Semcycle
XL. He would sell me one without the seat so I can use the new style Schwinn
which I just bought from him a few months ago. That would save a few bucks. I
would really like the alloy 36 spoke rim and cotterless cranks of the Semcycle.

Probably will get the Semcycle, can’t go too long without a unicycle to ride…

Andy Arhelger