My Hoppley just arrived!

But I can only get the Left crank on - the Right one doesn’t screw in :thinking:

I know that the L crank screws counter/anticlockerwise, and the R crank screws clockwise, but it still won’t go in. I even tried applying a bit of lube to the threads on both the pedal and the crank (and using vicegrips), but no-go.

When I looked inside of the crank, at the threads, it looked like there was a rectangular ‘hole’ about 2mm x 3mm that might prevent the crank from going in. I poked the hole with a tiny allen wrench, and it felt smoothe. I figured that since the qu-ax cranks are hollow(?), maybe that is one of the ends of the ‘tube’(?). When I try to screw the crank on, though, it doesn’t even screw in as far as the rectangular hole, so I’m not sure if that is the problem.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve waited almost 3 weeks since I placed the order for this to arrive, and I would really like to try it out before it gets dark.


Im sorry i cant help you but congrats on it finally getting there:)…Maybe if you post a pic some one will be able to help you better…or you could call UDC>

heh, i got it in :sunglasses:

I’ll post pics when i get back from riding

good job on getting the unicycle and getting the crank on

The crank/axle bolts both L and R screw in normally. Only the pedals are left and right hand threaded, respectivly.