My hopeful Trials set up. Please help me improve

I’m building a custom Trials Uni and this is what it is composed of so far:

Yuni Frame with gloss black finish
Poznanter Hub Assembly by Profile Racing
Monty Trials Rim for 20x2.5-inch Tire
Arrow Racing Trials Rim
Marwi 14-guage Spoke
Monty 20x2.5-inch Trials Tire
Velox Rim Tape

Does anybody think one of these items is surpassed by another with a similar cost (please let me know) or have an idea of what I should use as a saddle, tube, pedals and anything else I missed.

Thanks so much


Is the Yuni Frame with Powder coat finish really worth the $105.00 it costs

or would it be best if I just settled for the Yuni Frame with Gloss BLack finish it only costs $55.00



Your original post said you had a under 300 budget? did that change??

your current set up looks good You cant beat profiles. The N2 frame is good, And I dont think there is gonna be much of a difference in quality between Arrow, Alex or Monty when it comes to rims.

Have you Thought about getting the Summit, KrisHolm 20" or the Onza unicycles though? You would probably save a hundred dollars US or more.

As far as seats go I like the Kris Holm Velo Seat, I’m gonna get one for myslef soon, or If you want to save your money get the Viscount seat. Miyata sucks dont let anyone tell you different. (I’m the sole believer in this I think)

Pedals, Welgo has some B ?? 32 ?? pedals at for cheap they are awesome sealed bearings for the price. I also love my DK Iron Crosses. They look sweet and have a ton of grip.

Tube, get whatever really… if you can find a dh 20" tube that would probably be better I think I have a Monty tube in mine right now. Its been good to me.

If your building the wheel yourself dont forget to buy 14 gauge brass nipples.

Powder coating is gonna be the only way to have a frame that is black that will not chip off when it is introduced to Mr Rock. I personally dont mind battle scars so I dont think its worth it. Its all a matter of if you want to repaint your frame ever so often.

Good luck in picking out the ride that is best for you


It seems to me that a trials frame is going to take a lot of hits, so I wouldnt even both with black, unless you really like it. the paint on my uni dies a quick death in terms of looking good.

Re: My hopeful Trials set up. Please help me improve

get an alex rim, not a monty or that arrow rim. The tire to rim fit is much
better with the alex and the arrow is relatively untested.


yuni profile — yes
thats what i have. and i like it.

a prebuilt wheel from will probably be worth it, they have a good wheelbuilder. and it may be cheaper.

i’d say go for an onza tyre, they’re better made and don’t mark the floor.

get a velo saddle, not a miyata.
miyata seats used to be good but now they die quickly.
and velos are cheaper

just get the frame in chrome its cheaper.

its prety nice how the best things are not always the most expensive isn’t it?

appart from the profile hub, it costs a fortune but its the best one you can get.

also consider wether you realy need a profile hub, the onza and summit/norco hubs are going to put up with the abuse that most people give them

When i built my custum tuni i got the wheel custom made at my local bike shop. I spent about fifty bucks less than before shipping. some of the prices were more but some were less. as a bonus i got thornproof tubes and swiss dt spokes. it is worth it to get the wheel custom built and work up the rest of it. that is what i did. only the wheel and cranks are important really in trials.

only get a bike shop to do a wheelbuild if you have had good wheel from them before.
my monty rim is about to die from a crappy rebulid.