My hopeful Muni set-up

I am a wanna-be Muni-cyclist on a not-so-great budget.
This is what I am hoping to get, if I can find the money…

Frame: Yuni 26" ($44.00)

Suzue/Alex 36-spoke Off-Road Wheelset: ($157.00)
Hub: Suzue 36-hole high-flange cotterless
Bearings: 17-mm ID, 40-mm OD sealed
Rim: Alex DX32 downhill double-walled
Spokes: Union 14-guage black or stainless steel
Cranks: Kooka 170-mm (upgrade +$115.00)
Tire: Gazzaloddi 24/26 x 3" (upgrade +$69.00)

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Pro ($24.00)
Saddle: KH/Velo ($48.00)

Grand Total:

I may be getting the saddle for my birthday, if I can convince my parents… Bringing down the total to $409.00

I’m wondering if I could live with some different (cheaper) cranks.
Are the Kooka’s going to be too long? Would some Odyssey Black Widow Euro 160’s work better? I don’t know too much about the different sizes pro’s/con’s.

If they are not too long, could I use the cheaper black widow 170’s, saving me $26?

Or would it be better just to bag this idea and go straight for the Kris Holm 24" Muni?

Any input/help/comments would help greatly.

Thanks a lot

Forget Odyssey Twisted Pros, get some Wellgo B-27s for the same money from Performance Bike.

There are cheaper 3" tires out there, though I have not tried them. Make use of the forum search for more on these.

If I got the Savage 24" x 3" tire, would I need the extra clearance of the 26" frame?

yeah i don’t know aboot the kooka’s either 225 canuckish is pretty high!

What about the new KH 24 muni?
It’s about the same price and you get a stronger hub with splined cranks. Splined hub/cranks are nice because they’re stronger and you don’t have to worry about a crank falling off during a ride.

The savage 24x3.0 is a good tire, worth the $20, I mean its no gazz, but it will certainly work. You could also use a yuni 24" frame.
Also, I wouldnt reccomend Kookas. I cant talk from experience, but those are really strong and also really expensive. I have noname cranks on my muni that work fine. I would reccomend Doteks or BEs(the cheper 170s), and they wont be too long. You can always upgrade later.

Get the KH24. It’s got a splined set-up. Super strong and super smooth. The Brake option is there. The option for a bigger seat post is there. A splined setup is gonna be better than a cotterless setup anyday.


On the whole i would agree with dylan to get the KH 24, but if you want cotterless those would be my reccomendations above.

Your setup looks good to me but I agree with George to get the Wellgo pedals instead.

You save $7 and get a better ride, go for the Kris Holm 24" The Stronger hub is worth it alone.

It has the Alex rim on it already. A 24x3" tire, Brake Bosses if you ever want to put some of thoes on. Just as good if not better frame than the N2, And the same seat as what you were getting.