My Homemade Handle Bars

This will be picture heavy if I do this right.
1st pic is the metal I used as a base. It is a stake bracket for the side of a trailer ( something a 2x4 would slide into.
2nd pic is where I cut the metal to the size of my round tube that will accept my bars
3rd pic is the tube going on the metal bracket, this was welded.
4th pic is the metal bracket with the tube on bottom, See the 4 holes on top, they will be used under the seat.
5th/6th pic this is my handle bars took off a old scooter. see how the tube is not prefectly round, this keeps the bars from twisting around and the clamp in the next pix has key to fit into the groove
7th-8th pic coming togeter, mock setup
9th-10th show the entire mount useing 2 different curve extensins. I’ll do some final adjustments and figure what I like best.
As you can see this has many different adjustments you can make and beleive me it is rock solid. I going to make a one handle stub for it as well.

How does it feel?

It looks nice.

It feels solid, I just have to get use to riding with bars and figure out the position. Total investment under 40 dollars

Awesome work. Wish I got the tools to tinker with stuff like that. Plan to paint it?

Yes painted pics will follow

Very nicely engineered, that looks strong.

Thanks, it is very strong.

Nice job!
I like that unicyclist can tinker and make something as good or better than manufacturers.

Very nice! (I don’t see how the T handle came about. Did that come pre-made from something else?)
Great job!

The T-bar. And off a old scooter. It was one of those kids razor type scooter

Well I got to go for a short 2 mile this with mine new bars. WOW! What a different ride. The bars felt VERY solid but I’m just not use to riding with them. Here is the setup I rode with. The muni has 150 cranks. I didn’t realize how smooth I don’t ride. I have alot of tweaking from side to side. I’ll put my 137 on and try them. I referring to riding on the street.


Man I like the blue frame on your uni! :slight_smile: