My homemade freestyle frame

what do you think of the frame i’ve made?
here’s the gallery-


Re: My homemade freestyle frame

It looks like a great freestyle frame.
How does it feel riding it?
How is the stiffness and the weight?


Shimano DX pedals on a freestyle unicycle???
The pedals are going to be brutal on your legs and you can’t ride it indoors. But they’re nice pedals.

The frame is fairly light, its the same weight as my old DM ringmaster frame which it has replaced. It doesn’t seem to flex but i’ve hurt my back so i haven’t tested properly yet. The footrest is great, a relief from my uni crown- i can now 1foot idle without rubbing the tyre and falling off :wink: .

As for the pedals, i love them. They are sooooo comfortable and so grippy that i can’t say no even if my shins do.

thanks for the relpies, iain

Looks great.

Your Homemade Uni

GingerFreek…Hi, Nice uni, Did you buy all the parts separate or are they from another uni? Do you have any plans? I would like to build one. Maybe I could get or purchase a copy of the plans? if you have some. And a list of materials used…Thanks Keithmj:D