My homemade 9-stair set!

I have no real carpentry skills, but I think this came pretty well and better than I expected! I guess there’s a lot to be said for doing a little research, having the right tools and taking your time. Thanks to Richard Norris (hydrophidian) for letting me use his music! :o


[/B]Hope you enjoy, and let me know if what you think of it. :slight_smile:

Whoops, sorry! Ok try now…:o

wow that came out really nice. I think i gotta make my dad build me one and put it next to my 5.

I’m gonna build a 4 stair thanks to you terry! Seems simple enough :slight_smile:

Haha, don’t need to learn, I already have static jumped bigger sets. I couldn’t do it at the time I filmed it, because the landing area in front of the stairs is much to short and my house is right there; You just can’t see it in the video, but it just out of the shot by a hair. I would have to land then stop immediately to keep from face-planting into the stucco, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, yeah, I forgot to mention that I will also be building an 8 foot long x 30" wide by 48" high platform for it! Any ideas for the best way to make that would be appreciated! I figure a nice 1" thick plywood top and a lXl fitted 2x4’s? :slight_smile:

How is it supported from falling over?

OMG! I remember seeing that thread a long time ago. Those are a friggin work of art! Beautiful. :smiley:

I have it nailed (temporarily) to the two top pallets through the back support of the stair set. Another idea I have is taking two large lag bolts, and have them coming out the bottom of the back support, pointing straight down, then cutting off the bolt heads, and having another piece of 2x8 attached securely to the platform, with corresponding holes to accept the headless bolts that will drop into the holes, securing the stair set. This way it just lifts out for easy breakdown and transporting.

The platform I’ll build next will be the same height-about 50"- and be long enough for rolling hops off the stair set. I’ll have to find a different place to put it all, but my backyard is so small that I might have some space issues. :o

that’s amazing!!:smiley: I’ll build a 4 or 5 set as soon as i get the wood!!

how many of those have you made??

These is the first and only stairs I’ve made. The steps are a mere 7.5 long, so I could put several more in the set. And since these aren’t for walking up, you don’t need them as long as the normal sized stair.

They are quite short though, and so you have to be careful hopping up that you don’t hit the next step with the tire. I recently made some cool sandwich boards too and I use those for trials practice also.


Yah, I saw your sandwich board video. It was great too.:smiley:
You’ve given me so many awesome ideas!:slight_smile:

I would drill some pilot holes and add some wood screws. Nails will work them selves loose over time.
These are much nicer than your first Idea, good job!

I was about to type how sealing the wood with some deck stain/water sealer/paint is important, …then I remembered where you live, haha.

Still might look nice tho.

Yeah I was thinking of painting it, but I like your idea better!

Niiice!! That’s they way to do it. Nails actually have more shear strength than screws. Adding screws wouldn’t hurt, but nails are better.

Yeah I used 3" galvies! They’re in there but good!

Next I want to make TWO 24" high x 30" wide x 8’ long platforms for rolling hops and such. I like the idea of two so I can stack them to the same height at the stairs, and then also use them separately for gapping, etc. I just don’t think I have anough flat area in my backyard, without tearing out part of the lawn…which I just might do! Rather have a cool trials course, with less grass to mow and maintain. Also less water bill! :slight_smile:


nails are not better for this situation, the shear of screws would be plenty, and the nails will work themselves loose, especially when the steps start to warp (and it will happen) (the added friction of a screw holding in a board (because it is a tighter connection) seems that it would create more shear strength even though the screw has less shear in itself)

on the platform idea, i would say make it’s base similiar to this picture’s…

EDIT:: oh, one more thing you will probably want to add once it’s all done is a 2x4 from the bottom of the base to the bottom of the stairs on each side.

another note: the flare of your structure only needs to be out to the sides… i would be afraid of it tipping to the side when you sidehopped off of it otherwise. i was worried about those pallets in your video.

Go for it! I’m slowly converting my front yard into a wicked (for me) trials course. Fortunately my house sits down a long gravel driveway well away from the road and my front yard is mostly forested. Therefore nobody can really see my course too much (though the fellow next door has been clearing out his lot preparing to build :frowning: ). Still I’ve got a lot of natural features as I’ve recycled some of the tree trunks from past “blow downs.” I’ve placed some in series horizontal for some long skinny riding and then buried some vertically for posts. Then I connected everything up with various 2x6s and other stuff. Still a work in progress.

Great vid there, Terry. The tutorial was pleasantly short. Have fun with that.

Thanks, yeah I whittled it down from like 30 min of raw footage! Since I have ADHD, I like getting to the point and keeping things moving along at a good clip. :smiley: