My Hillbilly Moment

I wanted to give the Hillbilly wristguards a plug here.

This morning I packed the jeep with my unicycle and protective gear for a leisure trail ride after work. On the way to my job I noticed the car behind me swerve to avoid hitting something in the street. I wondered if I had hit whatever the car behind me avoided. I looked back and then realized I had not shut the back door of my jeep (not only am I a klutz, but now I am also stupid). After a couple of blank-a-T-blanks, I pulled over and closed the door, did a crazy U-turn and went back to retrieve, what I came to realize, was my wristguard in the middle of the street. I parked in the left turn lane and got out of the jeep. I had to wait for all the traffic to pass before I could grab my wristguard. I watched a flock of cars run over my poor Hillbilly glove. Then to my dismay, an 18 wheeler followed the flock. My wristguard was bouncing around like roadkill. I finally pick up the remains of my protective friend and was shocked to find only a crack in the plastic protection piece. The glove is still perfectly usable. After work, I did my off road unicycle ride without a hitch.

I was pretty impressed how well it took some nasty abuse.

now imagine what would have happened if it was your uni that fell out…

Thats what I thought he was gonna say lol