My great find! :D

So, I was riding down Main St. a few days ago and rode by someone, they smiled and said, “Hey, I got one of them tall ones.” I IMMEDIATELY dismount and talk to him, he was looking to sell it. I asked him how much… he said, “$30-$40. I mean, it’s an ancient one, it’s reaaally old.”, so I asked for his phone number, and I gave him a call today. When I was picking it up, I noticed that it WAS NOT ancient. It was a Torker Unistar! So I picked it up, cleaned it(it was underwater in a recent flood in my area), and lubed the chain. Even better? First time unassisted by a wall, I rode a good 500 feet! I paid $35 for a Torker giraffe!! :smiley:

Cool, you got a really good deal!

VERY good find!

nice find

great find congratulations