My great day at the skatepark

I had a great session at the skatepark today, unfortunately my video camera is broken so i only got a snapshot from my digital camera:

Dude that’s awesome. I like tearing it up at skateparks to. Looks like you got some pretty sweet air.

You’re looking a lot like Jack Hughes. :slight_smile:

Yeah…how DID you do that ???


wheres your crank and pedal at???


old news,geez im two for two today. :roll_eyes:


im guessing you didn’t land that one, heh


I think “photoshop” is the word

photoshop? who? what? I am just an awesome unicyclist!!! JK some kid that doesnt even unicycle found it and sent it to me. At first i thought it was real too, then i saw the horse ones! haha.

He could be jumping off the rail. And who knows if he lands it. But it’s probably fake. Just a thought.


it is photoshop, look through the spokes…

and look where the sun is shining. based on the rider the sun is at an angle, at that same angle there would be no shadow on the ramp.

When I looked a little closer, I saw the telltale socks.:smiley: I thought photoshop the second I saw it even though I didn’t immediately notice it was Jack. Sharp eye JC.:smiley:

wasnt this pic posted a while ago and we had this same discussion…?

yes,see my “old news” link above :sunglasses: