My Gonads Hurt...!

If the title doesn’t say it all…

Any suggestions?

The whackage factor comes into play mostly on mounts. I really can’t get a good solid stride until I get everything…situated, if you get me.

Any suggestions on how to get everything in line before hopping on?


I use a complex arrangement of pullies and ropes but most folk wear cycling shorts with a padded gusset.

I don’t know about other people, but I find that it helps if, as soon as I mount it, I sit upright (maybe even slightly leaned back), and stand up a little on the peddles, that seems to situate me in the right place. Then I go back to slightly leaning forward, and weight on the seat.

Throw some ice on the sack. It should tighten up enough so that you wont sit on them that way.


Great advice fellas.

Even the ice thing. I know it was probably a joke, but sometimes the danglage factor is just too much.

Alright, I’ll try to get some spandex or something and see what we come up with. I’ll also try the leaning technique.

It could be that I’m just getting used to doing unassisted mounts, and I’m not extremely comfortable getting ‘set up’ before I take off. It’s kind of all one motion. It seems though that my number one reason for bailing now is because of male discomfort, and not a balance issue.

Thanks a lot guys, this will improve my game drastically.

sit bif (balls in front)

As soon as it hurts or feels uncomfortable, stand up a little, and pull the testicles forward.

Everyone seems to say to wear tighty whities or spandex but I’ve found it makes it worse for me as it holds my boys too tight and doesn’t let me move them out of the way.
I wear boxers and just get in the habbit of when mounting my seat pulling it sort of from back to front resulting in, as UniDudeDX coined it, BIF.

I tend to get the seat positioned, then give it a nudge to get the boys up, then i mount. If they are pinched, i stand and adjust as necessary. It seems to work everytime I mount.

Or even get the seat a little lower than usual, and bring it up to get them in place before the mount. That way, when you do mount, they are in the place and it won’t be nearly as uncomfortable.

Yeah, thanks a lot once again.

I realized a whole lot of it had to do with me not being experienced and/or comfortable enough to make adjustments in transit.

I’m getting closer now, but I bought some bike shorts just incase, and they help quite a bit, but yes, they do constrict the gentlemen a bit, and I like to have the whole gang along for the ride.

It will probably depend on the situation in the future; I’m just now starting to get comfortable with minor drops. If I’m all settled before the drop, it doesn’t really matter, but a bumpy ride will sometimes jar 'em loose. Then I should probably take advantage of the shorts.

But once again, thanks a lot for the advice; I really hope this thread helps out other gentlemen in the future.

cycling shorts are too weird for me. what i do is before i mount i put the seat between my legs, slightly too far back. then i pust it into me and move it foward and mount. basically you use the seat to kinda scoop them into the right position. this way you dont look like a tool by grabbing your balls.

i mount standing on the pedals more and then slowly sit down and kinda shift to get everything in the right place.

Sounds similar to my technique, i rest them on the front of the saddle and pull it forward so they’re up the front, and can then mount trouble free.

Oh and this thread should have been in RSU as it’s a genreal question about unicycling, but don’t worry because you’re new here.

duct tape

that could potentially be dangerous. I would suggest outside of undergarments as to to become attached to anything and under outer garments as to not be seen by the public as guy to tapes his crotch. Wrap lightly as to not squish anything… wait wtf just dont use duct tape…

What the heck is duct tape going to do. It won’t cease anything not hurting. I might as well put Ice cubes instead. :thinking:

I had the exact same problem… but use tight boxers… helps a lot!!! not one of them loose ones…

super glue…what!!!

Ohh hell dont use any glue just rearange everything before you get on…i find it to help if you wear tighter underwear…just ma personal way but…glue pfft…