My goals, yours?

Great goals! Good luck! My advice would be to make sure to practice basic skills in addition to the specific skills you list. Riding as slow and as straight as possible is always good practice. Practice pausing as long as possible at each horizontal pedal position. Practice backing up one pedal alone (each side) and continue riding. Practice super idling (riding a full revolution forward and backward).

I set these goals in 2013:

  • downhill gliding
  • proficiency on the double wheel
  • backwards wheel walking

I got sidetracked in June of that year by freewheel unicycling but I managed a little progress on the first and last and would say I accomplished the middle one. I wanted to set some goals for this year to keep myself honest:

  • some progress on stand up coasting
  • dunk a basketball off a unicycle
  • proficiency riding my 3.8x geared freewheel unicycle

Love your goals!!! Those are dreams of mine!

Hi Lou,
I was there during the NY Uni Festival over Labor Day. I think there were 36 people that started the ride over the bridge and then continue on to Coney Island. The group that puts the ride together also has a van that follows the riders in case anyone needs help. IMHO, that’s the best time to do it. They also have two days of events on Governor’s Island that weekend. I highly recommend it. It’s not huge but that’s what made it fun. A small community vibe in the largest city in America.