My Gliding Journal

Since I have not felt tutorials helpful, because that it is hard to explain a trick once you have learnt it, since that you forget the difficulties in practicing, so I have decided to write a Journal of my Gliding, as I want to learn it, and It may be helpful for people to look back on with the difficulties I will feel as I progress. I will be learning on my Nimbus 26" MUni, and I can wheel walk and 1ft ww… so on the whole, when I finally do learn to glide I will have a whole Journal on my progress, which may (or may not) make it easier to learn from.
To make this a fair experiment, I shall practice gliding every day, for an hour, no matter what weather, and write how I’m picking it up. I will also note the difficulties I am facing, and how I corrected it.

Day 1

Today is my first day at practicing gliding. The weather is cloudy, and over the last two hours or so it has been raining. I went out when it stopped raining at 15:59, after kitting up with shin pads and helmet. I went down my road where it is fairly steep, with a wide wall beside the pathway that I feel may help my first stages. It has a gentle curve to the left, which may (or may not) be troublesome when I first start to turn, but is no problem for now. I mounted as usual, and put my left foot on the tire, and right ft on the frame. From my previous experience of attempting (and failing) to glide, I immediatly felt that the wet tire was helping me get the ‘slipping’ of the wheel, as I had difficulty for the first 20 minutes or so just to keep it under me. I feel that if you lean back to get the wheel moving, it just jerks out under you and you come off, so I stayed upright and physically let the pressure off my foot to get it moving. I was getting frustrated of my little distance (about 1 foot and a half), so I tried it with my left hand sliding along the wall for guidence, and my right hand out parallell to the floor instead of holding the saddle. This GREATLY helped… I actually managed to get a bit further, so that is a point I would say for learning, Put your HANDS OUT and NOT on the saddle -The unicycle will take more damage than you will.
also what I noticed today was that you have to get over the mental barrier of not slamming your foot on the tire when you panic about the speed and balance- So just try and LET IT SLIP. Before I new it, It was getting dark so I headed back home. I finished at 16:42.

Today’s Statistics:

TIME SPENT PRACTICING - 15:59 to 16:42.
WEATHER - Cloudy, very wet. Just finished raining.
NOTEABLE POINTS - Wet does seem to help for me. Let the tire slide under little pressure from the foot, and DON’T HOLD THE HANDLE!
DISTANCE TRAVELED - First day, about 3 and a half foot. not bad for an hours work…


Day Two

Today I was restricted to only 20 minutes (apparently my mum ‘forgot’ to tell me that I was going out to dinner today). For the first 5 minutes I kept trying to glide but couldn’t even get the wheel to ‘slip’. I ran back home and hosed down my tire. This solved my problem. What I can conclude so far is that wet tyres do seem to help when you first start learning to glide. I was getting the same sort of distance as yesterday so I tried a different method. This time I tried looking straight ahead instead of down at the tyre. When I tried this, I kept coming off forwards instead of back. I don’t know if this method helped, considering the little time I had, so I will give it another try tomorow when I have more time. The furthest I got today was 4 foot. Not much better than yesterday, but an improvement nevertheless.

Today’s Statistics:

TIME SPENT PRACTICING - 15:31 to 15:32
WEATHER - Dry, although I hosed the tyre to make it wet
NOTEABLE POINTS - Again, wet does seem to help for me, so I’m gonna stick with hosing the tyre down for the time being.
DISTANCE TRAVELED - 4 foot. Half a foot more than yesterday

Wet gliding is bad, dont do it. You nead to learn to not stop the tire is all. Once you learn wet gliding, you cannot go high speeds because puting more pressure on the tire will not do anything and therefore will make you crash hard.

Day 3

I set out again since it was getting dark and put on my helmet and hosed down the tyre. a dry day, and no frost. I went down to the hill and set off again. First thing I noticed is that my previous two days has seemed to stick with me, so I was already starting off with around three foot distance. I kept at it, and then remembered what I put down in yesterdays post about the alternate method of looking straight ahead. I’ll cut this short: Don’t do it. When you learn, I’ve found that the best method is to look down slightly infront of the wheel, say half a foot ahead, with arms out and no hand on the saddle as mentioned previously. while the minutes past, I was making steady progress gaining about half a foot every ten minutes. While doing so, my tyre dried out. I couldn’t be bothered to go back so stuck with it. all I can say is that you have much more control of balance when it is dry. So my advice so far is, for the first day or so when practicing just the basic balance and feel for letting the wheel slip, wet the tyre, and then when you start to feel confident do it on A DRY TYRE. for reasons to move onto a dry tyre, before a dry tyre, I was consistantly getting around 4 foot and on Really good runs getting about 6. Dry tyre, I was consistantly getting around 6 foot, and on good runs getting about 11 foot . Vast change. It was too dark after about 50 minutes so I headed back.

Today’s Statistics:

TIME SPENT PRACTICING - 16:21 to 17:12
WEATHER - Very dry. nice sunset (although I doubt that has any effect…). Again I wet the tyre, but it dried out. Couldn’t be bothered to go home
NOTEABLE POINTS - After you get the basic feel of balance and letting the tyre slip on a wet tyre, GO TO A DRY TYRE!
DISTANCE TRAVELED - 6 foot consistantly. Good runs I got up to 11 foot

Day 4

Again, as usual I set out to it. Put on my union jack helmet and went down the road. The weather was dry although lots of rainclouds. Since I can now go around 7 foot averagely, I decided today that I learnt to mount into gliding without holding the wall. At first I found it akward since I kept falling off forward as so as I got up, not seeming to move, and to the right. Putting both arms out directly by my sides helped the bit about falling off to my right,and to stop falling forward I realised that 1ft ww for a the first few seconds solved this. Since I was freemounting into gliding, I only averaged around 5 foot, and occasionally getting around 9 foot, Although I really wanted the start of it sorted first. When I get averages of around 10 foot or so I will practicing rolling into gliding. Unfortunatly after about twenty minutes it started raining, which made me perform badly. It really is a good Idea then to start learning with a dry tyre after all. Oh well.

Today’s Statistics:

TIME SPENT PRACTICING - from 15:45 to 16:38
WEATHER - Dry and then started raining
NOTEABLE POINTS - Start freemounting into gliding AS EARLY AS YOU CAN!
DISTANCE TRAVELED - averaging 5 foot, good runs 9 foot or so. Not as much yesterday, although first learning it from freemounting is hard.

See, im not so dumb after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never said you were! I found out before I read your post when it dried out, although now I am starting to get much further than I had done before. Since it has been quite quick to learn like wheel walking, I recon its gonna take me until next week and I’ll have it. yay!

Are you doing it down hills? Or on flat? Find a steep hill to glide slowly down, that would be very good practice for you. Seeing as it was for me.

Then you can start going fast :slight_smile:

Downhill of course. I searched around today for a steep hill but could find any, the only one was with a blind bend to the left which goes into a close and is always busy. Didn’t want to risk it. I’ll just stick with the one I have. I’m already getting much more of a thrill from gliding than ww. Love the speed

I will start to learn to ww as soon as my nimbus X freestyle comes in. Then I will learn 1 foot ww, then gliding, should be fun!

What are you talking about? I love gliding with a wet tire!

It’s just a slightly different skill than normal gliding, is all;)

Go for it, I have only been learning a few days, and it is already awesome, even if I can only go a few meters

what day am I on now? I think 5…

Day 5

today I decided to make the most out of my morning considering I have homework and bedroom tidying after lunch and there is supposed to be “artic conditions” tommorow… thank god, although artic conditions in britain is about half an inch of snow so I’m not expecting anything interesting. Anyway, back to the plot, I went out to glide, on my normal hill, doing my normal gliding stuff, although from now on I am free mounting into gliding. after about ten minutes I got cold so went onto the other side of the road where it was sunny… and the path is suprisingly good. after around half an hour on that side of the road I was getting an average of 16 foot on most runs (today I actually got a tape measure out to have a proper recording). I kept at it for over an hour, so more than I am supposed to, but It is making up for tommorow if it snows.

Today’s Statistics:

TIME SPENT PRACTICING - 11:26 to 12:48
WEATHER - dry, cold
NOTEABLE POINTS - find a hill with no corner on it, no matter how little, straight is good
DISTANCE TRAVELED - average 16 foot, record 24.6 foot Wooo!!!

well done, yesterday I started wheel walking, I got 6 and a half kicks unassisted, with little practice. I think getting in and out of the wheel walk will be the difficult part!

Thanks, nice going, thats a good start, and I feel that you do not need to go and learn 1ft ww to glide, I could barely do it and went straight into gliding, and the gliding itself has made me be able to 1 ft ww

oh ok thanks!

cool thread im going to learn to glide when my shoulder becomes unbrocken.

Thanks, good for you, gliding does seem to be fun so far, and I can barely do it

You’ll get better, just try and glide everywhere you go and you will see yourself impoving durasticly.