My Girlfriend Unicycles

Phew! Sent it with correct date on: I’ve been going out with my Girlfriend for
about two months now and at first she obviously mocked my Unicycling talent, now
though she has come around to accept just how good/fun/relaxing it is. About two
weeks ago she had a go and showing considerable progress in one day could go
half way down my drive. After a few more goes I saw she really enjoyed it and so
lent her my DM Ringmaster advanced (Sob). It is still there as I write this in
her garage but she’s doing really well and if she reads this (again) I want her
to know “I’m proud of you sweety.”

Does anyone else have unicycling girlfriends I think its really cool. I know
someone has been married on unicycles.

Thanks. Simon Choppin

Re: My Girlfriend Unicycles

My wife is learning to ride after we have been married for some sixteen years.
She was inspired by a trip to the national convention in Snoqualmie where she
realized that we were not all just a bunch of losers. She can now freemount.

Idaho Joe